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The 2014 Australian Songwriting Contest is now up to the last stage of judging. Exciting times!!



FOR 2014 TOP 30 RESULTS OF THE AUSTRALIAN SONGWRITING CONTEST: Scroll to the bottom of this page!

Please Note:
1.Some categories list slightly more than 30, due to drawn results in the judging process.
2. Songs are listed alphabetically by Song Title only.
3. The Top 10 will be announced at the National Songwriting Awards (see home page for details).  
4. Lyrics Category Top 30 NOW LISTED at the very bottom of the page!


General Facts about the Australian Songwriting Contest:

The ASA’s Australian Songwriting Contest began in 1979, and is Australia’s longest running national songwriting contest for professional and amateur songwriters. Songs are submitted on CD or online(more ecomonical option) via Sonicbids or SongCentral,  and are judged by Music Industry experts on originality and craftsmanship. The song does not have to be performed by the songwriter, but it must be original and unpublished at the time of entry (i.e. the song must not be signed to a publishing company). The recording quality of material is not relevant to the judging process.

Professional song feedback can also be ordered by entrants. See Feedback Service under Members tab for more details.
ASA National Office
Locked Bag 18/178
Newtown NSW 2042

Ph/Fax: 02 9516 4960
Email: asanationaloffice@asai.org.au

Results Archive:





There are 13 Categories in the Australian National Songwriting Contest, including an open-genre International Category which citizens from any country of the World can enter (including Australians). Most of the other Categories are genre specific, and are for Australian songwriters only. It is up to you as the entrant what category you enter your song in, although if the judges feel that a song has been mis-categorised by the entrant, they will re-enter it in a more appropriate category to give it a better chance.

Entries Are Anonymous

We ask manual entrants not to put identifying information on their entries, but if they do, their entry will be rendered anonymous before judging takes place. Online entries are also rendered anomymous before being judged. All songs are labels with idenifying numbers and song names only.

Three-tiered Judging

There are three levels of judging.

Preliminary Round -  All songs are heard by a team of at least 3 music industry judges. Every songwriter who makes the Top 30 list of any of the judges, is short-listed in the preliminary round of the judging process and notified accordingly. Depending on how many of the judges pick the same songs, the size of the short list will vary.

The judges assess songs using the ASA criteria, to arrive at a total mark for each song from each individual judge. An equalising process is then used to rank the songs by giving 30 pts to the most favoured, and 29 the next and so on.  These rankings are then added together to give a final mark for that entry. So, for example, if a song scored 90 points as a final mark after using the ranking system, that would mean it was the top choice of three judges. If it scored 30 points, that would mean that only one judge absolutely loved it! Usually scores are much more varied than this. The ranking system ensures fairness to all entrants, by taking in to account that some judges may be low scorers or high scorers across the board.

Finalist Round – The Top 30 songs are then chosen from the shortllisted group, by a fresh panel of judges. These results are then put up on the website (usually 4-5 weeks before the National Awards Night).

The Top 10 placegetters are decided by a third group of judges (minimum of 3 respected music industry professionals per Category), who vote individually without consultation with each other. Their results are combined and equalised to give eventual Top 10, which are announced live to the audience at the ASA National Songwriting Awards. 


Once the top ten placings are decided, the first place winners of the Major Open Categories and Youth Category will receive a phonecall and/or be notified in writing. This is so that they can be invited to perform at the Awards.

The remaining Top 30 Finalists for each Category are encouraged to attend the National Awards Night, where they can find out in person if they made it to the Top 10! Even those who don’t get into the Top 10 have a great time at this event, as they are able to hear the winning songs played live on the night, and network with other successful songwriters and industry people as part of the fraternity. As a major industry event, the ASA National Awards Night is important for serious songwriters.  Subsequently (usually within 72 hrs after the National Awards Night) the final Top 10 results will be posted on this site.

Those who recieve nominations for the Songwriter of the Year and the Rudy Brandsma Award will be notified prior to the Awards Night.

In the event of a tied mark, entries are awarded equal placings and any prizes will be split between the entrants.

Judging Criteria

Songs are judged on aspects of the songwriting craft:

  • lyrics
  • melody
  • structure
  • arrangement
  • and originality

Because the major concern of the Association is songwriting, the songs are not judged on the performance or the quality of the recording.
The ASA chooses the judges but is not responsible for their decisions. The ASA selects the winner of the Songwriter of the Year from among the Category Winners, and the Rudy Brandsma encouragement award from among member songwriters who have done well in the competition, or who display some outstanding element that cannot be overlooked.

For the Australian Songwriting Contest rules and regulations, and list of prizes, please check this year's Enrty Form. 



Australia by Carmelita Lees & John Roy
Boy From Cooroy by Alita Fahey & Colin MacKenzie
Cooee Cobber Dingo by Stephen Kermode
Dirty Work by Steve Montgomery & Tony Montgomery
Eureka Stockade by Kathy Prosser
Great and Ancient Land by Lloyd Clarke
Hardie's Men by Brian Ralston
Herbert St by Alita Fahey & Tayzin Fahey-Leigh
In Qld by Bec Hance
Jack Mahomet by Paddy Connor
John Simpson Kirkpatrick by John Littrich , Neil McCann & Paul McGee
Kokoda by Kieran Roberts
Let It Rain by Kimberly Kneebone
Mulga Wood by Stuart Hall
My Outback by Geoff Williams
My Outback Heartland by Lola Brinton & Trisha Roldan
Pemulwuy by John Littrich, Neil McCann & Paul McGee
Songlines by John Ralph
Stand As One by Stuart Hall
The Ballad Of The Bushranger Kelly by Steve Jones & The Velvet Gloves
The Dog That He Can by Bec Hance
The Drover And The Brumby by Graham Howle
The Word Is Out by Luke Vassella
They Call 'em Coopers by Kathy Coleman
This Is Australia by Geoff Jones
This Now Is Goodbye by Donna Dyson & Damien Leith
Welcome Home Soldier by Pasqual Deleo
Will I Find Her Far Horizons by John Delaney
Wollondilly Blues by Alex Varlow
You Found The Songs by Kieran Roberts

A Matter Of Life And Breath by Wendy Wood & Cassandra Wood
Anonymous by Justine Camilleri & Chris Gale
Beautiful World by Michael Clay
Black Gold by Alita Fahey
Bottle of Tea by Hannah May Cowley
Daisy by Kathy Coleman
Don't Tell Me by Helen Mottee
Dressed in White by Bel Thomson Phil Thomson & Cody Norris
Drifiting Away from the Sun by Samantha Mooney
Fly Away by Lori Greco
For Our Children by Kay Bell & James Warwick
Greatest Fear by Kelly Griffith
If You Only Knew by Steve Montgomery
I'm Not Ready by Magdalena Macdonald
Just Held Hands by Kieran Roberts
My Angel Eyes by John Greenwood & Jason Greenwood
Never In A Million Years by Magdalena Macdonald
Shades Of Blue by Cory Hargreaves & Andrew Cromwell
She Loves Me by Michael Axiotis
So Beautiful by Katie Hardyman Pete Stevenson
Somebody's Mother by Kaitlyn Thomas & Lee Bradshaw
Something Had to Change by Christopher Orchard
Spiral by Rick Hart
The 7th Floor by David Fuller
The Beat of a Drum by Cill Van Der Velden & Jarrad Grimmond
The Last Wish by Pasqual Deleo
This Now Is Goodbye by Donna Dyson & Damien Leith
Time Machine by Robert Cini
Walk In My Shoes by Keri McInerney
What It's All About (Wedding Song) by Jacques Gentil
Where Only Lovers Go by Lola Brinton Trisha Roldan & Sven Tydeman
Without You by James Warwick Carmelita Lees
You'll Never Know by David Fuller

AEIOU by Anirban Banerjee
38 by Kristie Smith
All That Glitters by Skii Harvey
Angelina Gina Santa Fe by Roscoe Behrmann
Beautiful Soul by Shameem Taheri-Lee
Breakaway by Anna Leathem
Bright Star by Noralyn Jowett
Catching Happy by John Kairn
Counting Time by Michael Clay
Crave by Mark Flores
Do It Again by Kathy Prosser
Easy On You by Sean Clooney
Happy Thoughts by Daniel Maguire (Mog)
Heat Of The Night by Michelle Hullet
Last Night by Kerrie Garside
Learned My Lesson by Elle May
Life Ain't Life Without You by Amanda Steward
Make My Day by Christopher Crook Russell Diggins & David Van Elst
Moonlight Sun by John Breen
OMG by Andrew McNaughton
Pocket Rocket by Nicole Sokolovic & Nicole Skye
Put It On The Line by Emily Brewis
Running Back To You by Lori Greco
Rivers Run To Red by Demi Louise,Joe Killington & Neil Athale
Running Free by Johanna Cooper
So Beautiful by Katie Hardyman & Pete Stevenson
Taking Over by Cameron Driessen & Clayton Driessen
The Cat's Meow by John Greenwood
The Chase by Richelle Boer
The Gun by Kim Gamaroff
Tiny steps by Dirk Van Rooy
Tomorrow Never Came by Jonothan Roland
Wonderland by Stephen Sarre & Gary Scott
You're The Dance by Donna Dyson & Damien Leith

All That Matters Lori Greco
Bad at Being Good by Gibbs & Steve Montgomery
Better (Since You Came Along) by Alex Tobin
Bits n' Pieces by Peter Salata
Boy from Cooroy by Alita Fahey & Colin MacKenzie
Brand New Life by Samantha Mooney
Cat Yella by Lana Ross
Chicken Picken by Cory Hargreaves
City Boys And Cowgirls by Carmelo Cacciola & Jim Harding
Damn The Man by David Harrison
Dead Man's Gully by Roger Faynes & Vanessa Lea
Do You Want Love With That? by Wendy Wood
Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover by Michael Abrey (Ruckus)
Freight Liner Blues by Peter Salata
Grandma by Kel-Anne Brandt & Roger Corbett
I Love My Country Boy by Melissa Robertson
If You Only Knew by Steve Montgomery
In A Heart Beat by Kerrie Garside, J.Krsulja , L.O'Shea & L.Bryan
It Used To Be Me by Robert McIntosh
Jaboticaba Moonshine by Stephen Kermode
Lay You Down by Cory Hargreaves
Mess I'm In by Rick Hart
Murder by Michael Meeking
My Get Up & Go by Kathy Coleman
Nothing More To Say by Bec Hance
Phone Call by Craig Morrison, DJ Gleason
Rainbow day by Michael Clay
Ruby by Hazel Savage, James Morrison & James Daley
Santa I Can Explain by Steve Montgomery
Shopping with the Girls by Jan Keogh
Shot To Shit by Kristie Smith
Sun Up by Lynn Hazelton
Tomorrow Starts Tonight by Jacques Gentil, Lance Toohey
Truckstop Elvis by Cory Hargreaves
Waitin For You by Leo Taylor
Waiting For Her Heaven by Donna Hotz
Winniebago by Mark Menzies
Wollondilly Blues by Alex Varlow
Yes (A Love That Lasts) by Natalie Howard

All I Need by Karen Law
Be Strong by Lynn Hazelton
Darwin To Ambon by Lucy Wise
Ebay Blues by Geoff Jones
Eleanor by Hazel Savage, James Morrison & James Daley
Eureka Stockade by Kathy Prosser
General Science Property by Rainford Sharlene
Get It Right This TIme by Brian Ralston
Hearts Away by John Breen
Hummingbird by Rick Hart
I Don't Drink Beer Anymore (But I Don't Drink It Any Less) by Paul Owen
If You Only Knew by Steve Montgomery
If You. I Will. by Luke Golding
In a Heart Beat by Kerrie Garside, J.Krsulja , L.O'Shea & L.Bryan
It's Not Goodbye by Katie Hardyman
Last Chance Cafe by Neil Wise & Craig Fraser
Little Feet by Rick Hart
Lovely Little Thoughts by Laura Bell
Moonlight Masquerade by Olivia Corish Olivia Corish & Andrea Corish
Nothing Else by Liv Chapman
Old Coffee by Alana Patmore
Paperbag by Keri McInerney
Remembrance Day by Katy Callaghan & Kathleen Callaghan
Santa I Can Explain by Steve Montgomery
Seen You Before by Renee Pachos & Kempster
Still In Love With You by Steve Montgomery
Street Man Speaker by Kieran Roberts
Swimming in the Ocean by John Littrich , Paul McGee & Neil McCann
The Happy Song by Justine Eltakchi & Phillip Eltakchi
The Storm by Liv Chapman
Things That Money Just Can't Buy by Steve Standing
This Little House by Katerina Pshenichner
Time To Stand by Andrew Kovacic
Tjami Tree (mangrove tide) by Lynn Hazelton
Yeah Yeah Yeah by Jeff Cole
Your Parade by Cory Hargreaves

Blue Nocturne by Calvin Sycamore
Celmenco by John Delaney
Couldn't be Bothered Singin' Song by Michael Abrey (Ruckus)
Dark To Light by Anirban Banerjee
Day 352 by Galliano Sommavilla
Eagle Hide by Paul Ingerman
El-Me-Chello by Peter Salata
Ghosts by Ben Bowen -
Heat Haze by Paul Ingerman
Kokoro by Hiroaki Tanaka
Live the Dream by Jim Ottaway
Log rolling by Paul Ingerman
Love Particles by Manjia Luo
Love, Love, Love by RL Clarke
Luna Attraction by David Brinsmead
Moonlight At Midnight by Pete Hawkes
More Than Time by Jim Ottaway
My Shadow Wears The Crown by Rebecca Achkar
Our Murray River by RL Clarke
Playground by Michael Storey
Right/Wrong by Steve Montgomery
Spanish Baroque Piece by Allan Pan
Tango on Wednesday by Fiona
The Wonder of Life by John Delaney
Uncle Bill by Marcella Taylor
Velvet Voyage by Louise Bell
Wheatfields in the Moonlight by Lloyd Back
Wonderment by Bill Canty
You Are The One by Ralph Mills
You Will See (When Tomorrow Is Here) by Michael Angliss

Bad Assed Dude by Michael McGee & Jeff Oxford
Beautiful World by Michael Clay
Better (Since You Came Along) by Alex Tobin
Dressed in White (The Wedding Song) by Bel Thomson, Phil Thomson & Cody Norris
Fall in Love by Kelly Griffith
Fisherman's March by Lou DeAdder
Forget You Girl by Debra Gussin & Kyle Vincent
Friends and Enemies by Michael McGee, Adam Wright & Jeff Oxford
Fun To Touch by Nitanee Paris Lawson
Get Naked by Michael McGee & Rolf Schnyder
Happy Me by Debra Gussin & Kyle Vincent
I Call A Truce by Anita Paul
Josephine by Ethan Cole
Lavender Motel by Lily Knowland
Learn to Breathe by Nitanee Paris Lawson
Love Sings To Me by Roy Williams & Karen Gregory
You Are My Everything by Natalie Jean
Party Time by Michael McGee, Michael Kachani
Sally Ann Goes To The Mall by Lou DeAdder
Somewhere Trouble Don't Go by Christal Prout
Stars by Bel Thomson & Cody Norris
Summer Anthem by Lacy Younger
Sweet Billet-doux (fr. short love note) by Stuart Hall
The Cat's Meow by John Greenwood
Time To Roll The Dice by Michael McGee & Rolf Schnyder
Tonkyhonking by Michael McGee, Angel Pontier & Butch Paulson
Treetops by Marshall Smith & Woodhill Union
What You Make Of Me by Mike Hyden
Wicked Pink by Michael McGee & Michael Dubacher
Wish You Enough by Michael McGee, Kenny Walker & Butch Paulson

AEIOU Anirban Banerjee
Ball And Chain by Catherine Dobson
Begin Again by Jason Maynard & Alexandra Malota
Brand New Life by Samantha Mooney
Can't Write A Love Song by Danny Hooper
Catching Happy by John Kairn
Cloud 9 by Noralyn Jowett
Crystal Tears by Donna Hotz
Do It Again by Kathy Prosser
Do You by Helen Mottee
Dont look back by Peter Collins
Happy Thoughts by Daniel Maguire (Mog)
How Many Times by John Breen
It Used To Be Me by Robert McIntosh
Let's Make it Feel Like Christmas by David Harrison
Like A Theme Park by Stacy Tierney
Looking Back by Kathy Coleman
Mirror Mirror by Alana Patmore
Mother Fucker by Kristie Smith
My Angel Eyes by John Greenwood & John Greenwood
Never Wanna Let You Go by Olivia Drake
Out Here On My Own by Keri McInerney & Steve Tebbett
Please Go Lightly by Jarren Boyd, Michael Maher, Rebecca Harris, Stewart Taylor & Brad Jackson
Running Back to Me by Ana Bogdanovic & Courtney Hayes
Salt Lake City by Cory Hargreaves
Seduce me by Nikolai Lysewycz & Brittanie Shipway
Silver Storm by Susan Muranty & Sven Tydeman
Snowflake by Katie Hardyman
Spiral by Rick Hart
Summertime Again by Jill Riddiford
What You've Done by Anirban Banerjee
Where The Poppies Grow (ANZAC song) by Jacques Gentil & John McCrae
Wollondilly Blues by Alex Varlow
Wonder by Stacie Richardson & Mark Annesley

38 Kristie Smith
Abandon by Carmelita Lees, Adam Lees & Stewart Peters
After The Fall (The Apocalypse Song) by Jill Riddiford & Glenn Le Marchant
Bar in Paris by Malcolm/Scott/Baker
Better (Since You Came Along) by Alex Tobin
Blue Sky by Ralph Mills
Can't Get Through To You by David Hinds & Lyn Hinds
Can't See The Light by Rick Hart
Catching Happy by John Kairn
Change (Do Something About It) by Amanda Steward
Circles by Joshyouare Burton Daniel Bali
Demon In Disguise by Sharon Auerbach, Will Newton & Sharon Auerbach
Dreams by David Fuller
Find You Somehow by Michelle Hullet
Happy Thoughts by Daniel Maguire (Mog)
Hearts Away by John Breen
How Many Times by John Breen
Idolize by Stacie Richardson & Mark Annesley
Jasmine by Steve Jones & The Velvet Gloves
Machine by Shaun Smith
Mess I'm In by Rick Hart
Middle Age Ripples by Sam Vartuli
Moonlight Masquerade by Olivia Corish & Andrea Corish
New Day by Scott Watkins & Billy Donovan
Out of Here by Trent Jean Michel
Rise by David Hinds & Lyn Hinds
Sit On Ya Hands by Justine Camilleri & Chris Gale
So I Won't by Amy Sugars
Someday by Alex Tobin
Soul Mate by Neville Kaye
Spider by Jason Maynard
Tears of Joy by Lynn Hazelton
Technicolour Death Stare by Alexandra Price
Tomorrow's Over by Daniel Maguire (Mog)
Trash by Bernadette Palmer
Trouble Maker by Lou O'Connor
What You Do To Me by William Godfrey
When I'm by Christopher Parker
Wonderland by Stephen Sarre & Gary Scott

Aunty Kit's Tractor Alita Fahey
Beautiful Girl by Jarren Boyd , Michael Maher, Jarren Boyd, Rebecca Harris, Stewart Taylor & Brad Jackson
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo by Kathy Prosser & Sven Tydeman
Cream N Sardines by Tony Murphy
Diggin' Up History by Kathy Prosser
Dinosaur In The House by joe landers
Dinosaurs Could Rock 'N' Roll by Kayelene Carruthers
Eureka by Kathy Prosser & Richelle Russ
Eureka Stockade by Kathy Prosser
Grandad's Hat by Kathy Prosser
I Am A Dog by Kathy Prosser & Sven Tydeman
I Jump by Dez Staunton & Vanessa Staunton
I'm A ...... by Kayelene Carruthers
I've Got Sand in my Pants by Stacy Tierney
Let's Clap Together by Kathy Prosser
Let's Go by Alana Patmore
Lullaby by Bel Thomson
On A Treasure Hunt We'll Go by Stacy Tierney
Our Gumtree home by Glen Naylor
Rock Star by Melissa Bajric
Say G'Day by Kathy Prosser
Sticky Gooey Honey by Stacy Tierney
Stop Look Listen and Think by Stacy Tierney
Sunchild by Lynn Hazelton
That's Family by John Littrich, Paul McGee & Neil McCann
The Boy With The Little Crooked Toe by Kieran Roberts
Toughen Up Princess by Taylor Pfeiffer
Where Have You Been? by Kayelene Carruthers
Worms by Shane Godbehere
You Were Born To Read by Stacy Tierney

A New Creation Bel Thomson
Abide in Me by Ruth Chai-Njiino
Always Christmas by John Kairn
Angel's Promise by Emma Boxsell, Shaza Leigh & Cill Vander Velden
Armour Of Christ by Bel Thomson & Caleb James
Art of Compromise by steve standing
Breathe On Me by Paul Somerville
Come And Find by Bel Thomson & Phil Thomson
Come To The Cross by Peter Christie
Do Not Fear by Michael Clay
Everything But love by Jacques Gentil
Footprints by Bridget O'Shanessy
For Our Children by Kay Bell & James Warwick
Free At Last by Jacques Gentil
Hallelujah by John Blok
I Give Thanks by Shameem Taheri-Lee
I Will Be Still by Ruth Chai-Njiino
I Wouldn't Take Bad Advice If You Paid Me by Karen Law
If Another Sunset I Don't See by Carmelo Cacciola
I'll Be There by Lori Greco
In One Corner Of Your World by Max Phillips
Just Held Hands by Kieran Roberts
Mister Street Man Speaker by Kieran Roberts
Moonlit Sky by Merryn Lamb
Moonlit Sky by Merryn Lamb
My God, My God! by Alex Varlow
My Imagination by Kathy Coleman
Not A Lot's Changed by Lola Brinton, Trisha Roldan & Sven Tydeman
On My Own by Rod Walmsley
Say The Word by Dominic Crea
Sunchild by Lynn Hazelton
Sunnier by Warde Elliott
The Courage You Lack by Lori Greco
The Light Changes by John Kairn
Towards Twilight by Ralph Mills & Linda Wood
Trying To Pray by Lola Brinton & Jasper Shelton Hollis

A Song We Both Know by Sabrina Soares
All Day by Maya Hirasedo
Anyone Else by Abbey Slattery
Baby by Holly Stachyra
Daddy by Kaitlyn Thomas
Empty Picture Frame by Cassi Hilbers
Foot Prints by Cassi Hilbers
Footprints by Bridget O'Shanessy
For All I Care by Ruth Burke
For You by Abbey Gardner & Mikayla Fletcher
Ghost by Mikhayla Trope
Girl Like Me by Anna Leathem
Gold by Frank Dixon
Goodbye Notes by Monique Hrsto
Holding On by Brooke Turnbull
Home by Mabel Windred-Wornes & Ivy Windred-Wornes
Knock On The Right Doors by Bradley Higgins
Losing Time by Harry Wells
Man In The Sky by Cailtin Gardner
Mirror Mirror by Alana Patmore
Old Pine Tree by Ben Woodham
One Of A Kind by Jayda D'Agostino
Policeman Yodel by Taylor Pfeiffer
Somebody's Mother by Kaitlyn Thomas & Lee Bradshaw
Start Again by Anna Leathem
Still in Love by Alana Patmore
The Gun by Kim Gamaroff
The Picture And The Pearl by Ruth Burke
This Is Real by Ruth Burke
Thousand Words by Casey Wilkinson
Today by Kimberley Terrace
Toughen Up Princess by Taylor Pfeiffer
Vietnam by Eleanor Gardner
Voyager by Frank Dixon
You Love Her, Not Me by Sabrina Soares


A Letter To My Children by Wendy Barnes
And She Walks by Susan Muranty
Beautiful Came Home by Di McAlister
Black Dog by David Glazier
Broken by Sherilyn Page
Burning Money Without Matches by Jim Fahey
Contradiction by Gaynor Moran
Every Little Thing About You by AdamMcguirk
Happy Song by Jim Fahey
How Come It's Ok by Helen Mottee
I Heart You by Kay Bell
If You Only Knew by Steve Montgomery
Little Feet by Rick Hart
Message Me by Shelly Brauer
Murray River Dreaming by Glen Naylor
My Duet by Geoffrey Williams
My Heart Beats Like A Birds Wing by Susan Muranty
My Out Back by Geoffrey Williams
Neon Nights by Paul Dillon
Rock It by Jim Fahey
Stephen Hawking Wants You To by Susan Muranty
Storms by Sherilyn Page
The Crucified Carpenter by Jan Keogh
The Hippies In Room 57 by Catherine Dobson
The Smartest Living Thing by Paul Rogers
Things That Money Just Can't Buy by Steve Montgomery
Third Time Lucky by Kathleen Mc Lennan
This House by Simon Berger
This Is Our Home by Kay Bell
This Timeless Land by Steve Montgomery
To Angelo by Jasmine Crittenden
Too Deep For JJJ by Jim Fahey
Who Was I? by Paul Dillon
You Are Beside Me by Rebecca Achkar
You Don't Know That by Jessica Howell
You Dumped Me by Gaynor Moran
Your Usual Line by Clem Gorman
You're A Star by Gaynor Moran



Listen to Past ASA Winners

  • Our Last Goodbye by Karen Guymer

    Winner: 2010 Rudy Brandsma Award
  • Love Letters by Marcel Kramer and Markus Winkler

    Winner: 2010 International
  • No Parade by Eleanor Baker and Rita Btratvich

    Nominee: 2010 Rudy Brandsma Awards
  • Little White Horse by Wendy Morrison

    Placegetter: 2010 Songs For Children
  • I Love You I Hate You by Alexandra Valmorbida

    Winner: 2010 Youth
  • Miss You by Jesse Marantz & Jessica Paige

    Winner: 2010 Contemporary Pop & Open
  • Simple Little Reason by Steve Lymburn & Carly Van

    Winner: 2010 Rock/Indie
  • Ghost by Katrina Burgoyne & Bill Chambers

    Winner: 2010 Country
  • Black and White by Marcella Taylor

    Winner: 2010 Instrumental
  • Haven't You Noticed by Robert Cini

    Winner: 2010 Ballad
  • Coffee My Lover by Kate Rowe

    Winner: 2010 Folk/Acoustic
  • Lismore Girl by Luke Vassella

    Winner: 2010 Australia
  • In Time With You by Bel Morrison & Caleb James

    Winner: 2010 Spiritual (Joint Winner)