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The 2014 Australian Songwriting Contest is now being judged! Exciting times!! Results will start to emmerge in late September, with Top 30 put up on this page in October.




(pls note, repeated numbers in the left hand column indicate a draw)

1 The Mighty Dollar Luke Vassella
2 Ankle Deep Dani Karis
3 The Gold Luke Vassella
4 Wattarka Aubrey Beggs
5 Eleven Long Years Eden Parris
6 Rose Matilda Matt Zarb
7 River Luke Vassella
8 Speargrass Loren Steenkamp
9 Casino Luke Vassella
10 If I Were A Swagman Matt Zarb
1 Boys Cry Too Karen Guymer & Jacques Mario Gentil
2 Little Irish Mother Terry Bennetts & Keith Lethbridge
3 A Family Emergency Magdalena Macdonald
4 My Dream Chris Orchard
5 Don't Doubt My Words Bill Gray
6 Free Daniel Leelarthaepin
7 Will It Ever Come Back To Me Madeline
8 For You Jade Leonard
9 Different On The Outside Marie Georgiou and Lisa Cetinic
10 From Now On Paul Gioia
1 Romeo Skii
2 What You Were Waiting For Kate Vigo
3 Radicate Sami Tauber
4 Smile Jesse Marantz
5 She Don't Need To Know China Doll
6 Real Love Alexandra Valmorbida
6 Where Are You Now? Gino Campagnaro & Simon McRitchie
8 Lights Alexandra Valmorbida & Michael Payntor & Michael De Lorenzis
9 Like A Razor Alexandra Valmorbida & Michael Payntor & Michael De Lorenzis
10 Fashion The Keytar Kids
1 Synchronized Jason Greenwood
2 Brand New Life Samantha Mooney
3 If This Guitar Could Talk Bill Wade & Wade Finnagin
4 The Rodeo Justine Camilleri & Chris Gale
5 Words In Your Goodbye Vanessa Faynes & R Faynes & D Rogerson
6 My Place In The World Sally-Anne Whitten & Allison Forbes
7 Field Of Flowers Dani Karis
8 Pretty Big Mess Rebecca Moore
9 Casino Luke Vassella
10 Hot Off The Line Kate Parry
1 Empty Spaces Andy Mac
1 Master Plan Troy White
3 Echo Laura Zarb
4 The Drowning Man Chris Griffiths & Warwick Fear
5 Always Joseph Proia & Gary Roberts
6 The Longest Road Chris Griffiths & Warwick Fear
7 Boys Cry Too Jacques Mario Gentil
7 Sleepyhead Dave McEldowney
9 All That Jazz Marky D
10 The Path Of Least Resistance Nick Charles
1 Sunset Blues Nick Charles
2 I'm On Your Side Paul Gioia
3 Lullaby For Monty Vanessa Craven
4 Jo's Tune Sandy Pollard
5 Raven's Flight Amelia Coffey
6 Sombrero Stan Lenz
7 Brumby Terry Bennetts
8 The Battle Of Hank B Gilmour Calvin Sycamore
9 Maryanne's Paris Galliano Sommavilla
10 Water & Life (Suite 2) Manjia Luo
1 Last Call Alex Tobin & Neil Devereaux
2 Those Were The Days/Sooner Or Later Goodnight Argent
3 Love Storm Dr Teddy De Love
4 Ride The Dragon Neutron Lightning
5 Once Mayu Wakisaka
6 Higher Alexandra Valmorbida & Michael Paynter & Michael De Lorenzis
7 Light Up ewefoh
8 That's So Me David VonderBurg
9 Think That You Love Me Jourdain
10 I Don't Even Play Guitar Glenn Valles
10 It Feels Alright Johan Lotand
1 The Black Comes Like A Thief Jim Fahey
2 Troubled Troubadour Paul Dillon
3 Shoulder To Shoulder Simon Berger
4 The Truth Hurts John Walsh
5 Dreamer Renay
6 Afghanistan David Glazier
7 One For The Road Simon Berger
8 See You Later Ron Robert McIntosh
9 Spirit Of Australia Bunty Bisharah
10 Why Should We Be Faithful Clem Gorman
1 Beautiful Night Francesca de Valence
2 Lonely Life Keri McInerney
3 Here With You Dave Power
4 Livin' On Borrowed Time John Greenwood & Jason Greenwood
5 Joan Of Arc Jade Leonard
6 Smile Jesse Marantz
7 Sheba Lane Lynn Hazelton
8 Tear Me Away George Begbie
9 Side By Side Lindsay Hamminga
10 I Am Not I Cathy Dobson
1 Great Divide Roy Mackonkey
2 Last Call Alex Tobin & Neil Devereaux
3 Everywhere Monique Lisbon & Adrian Hannan
4 Spider Jason Maynard
5 Black Dog Cooper West
6 You Only Lose The Things You Cling To Adam Finlay & David O'Brien
7 Get Back To Funk David Watson
8 Singing Your Favourite Songs Dave Power
9 Eternally Danny Hooper
9 Midnight Slave Bill Woodford
9 Why Don't We Just Start Adam Finlay & David O'Brien
1 Aussie Kid Kathy Possum
2 Skunk In The Bunk David
3 That's Me Ray Saunders & JR Marshall
4 Teddy Bear Joseph Proia
5 Fashionista Elizabeth Cornwall & Nathan Eshman
6 Brave Forever Cassi Hilbers & Danielle Blakey
7 Give Me Some Crayons (Ren's Song) Mark Ferris
8 Mr Ducky Is A-Driftin' By Ceri Hale & Carol Pearce
9 Veggie Patch Rock Stacy Tierney
10 Follow Your Nose Leo Kahans
10 The Story Of You Know Who Michael Mills
1 When He Comes Jacques Mario Gentil
2 No Other Name Rob Nightingale
3 Free At Last Jacques Mario Gentil
4 Time To Be Moving On Lola Brinton & Trisha Roldan
5 I Wonder What Heaven's Like? Greg J Bryant
6 Everything But Love Jacques Mario Gentil
7 Old Friend Loren Steenkamp
8 Lion And The Lamb Craig Bowen
9 I'm Only Sleeping Katie Hardyman
10 Messiah Greg J Bryant
1 Believe In You Kaitlyn Thomas
2 I Won't Throw Fire Kim Gamaroff
3 Fashionista Josephine Cornwall & Tess Cornwall
4 Dandelion Frank Dixon
5 Lost And Found Kelly Griffith
6 Give Up On You Frank Dixon
7 Rush Jake Davey
8 You're So Good Looking Josephine Cornwall & Tess Cornwall
9 Autumn Song Fionn Richards
10 Still Searching Sami Cooke

General Facts about the Australian Songwriting Contest:

The ASA’s Australian Songwriting Contest began in 1979, and is Australia’s longest running national songwriting contest for professional and amateur songwriters. Songs are submitted on CD or online(more ecomonical option) via Sonicbids or SongCentral,  and are judged by Music Industry experts on originality and craftsmanship. The song does not have to be performed by the songwriter, but it must be original and unpublished at the time of entry (i.e. the song must not be signed to a publishing company). The recording quality of material is not relevant to the judging process.

Professional song feedback can also be ordered by entrants. See Feedback Service under Members tab for more details.
ASA National Office
Locked Bag 18/178
Newtown NSW 2042

Ph/Fax: 02 9516 4960
Email: asanationaloffice@asai.org.au

Results Archive:





There are 13 Categories in the Australian National Songwriting Contest, including an open-genre International Category which citizens from any country of the World can enter (including Australians). Most of the other Categories are genre specific, and are for Australian songwriters only. It is up to you as the entrant what category you enter your song in, although if the judges feel that a song has been mis-categorised by the entrant, they will re-enter it in a more appropriate category to give it a better chance.

Entries Are Anonymous

We ask manual entrants not to put identifying information on their entries, but if they do, their entry will be rendered anonymous before judging takes place. Online entries are also rendered anomymous before being judged. All songs are labels with idenifying numbers and song names only.

Three-tiered Judging

There are three levels of judging.

Preliminary Round -  All songs are heard by a team of at least 3 music industry judges. Every songwriter who makes the top 30 list of any of the judges, is short-listed in the preliminary round of the judging process and notified accordingly. Depending on how many of the judges pick the same songs, the size of the short list will vary.

The judges assess songs using the ASA criteria, to arrive at a total mark for each song from each individual judge. An equalising process is then used to rank the songs by giving 30 pts to the most favoured, and 29 the next and so on.  These rankings are then added together to give a final mark for that entry. So, for example, if a song scored 90 points as a final mark after using the ranking system, that would mean it was the top choice of three judges. If it scored 30 points, that would mean that only one judge absolutely loved it! Usually scores are much more varied than this. The ranking system ensures fairness to all entrants, by taking in to account that some judges may be low scorers or high scorers across the board.

Finalist Round – The Top 25 songs are then chosen from the shortllisted group, by a fresh panel of judges. These results are then put up on the website (usually 4-5 weeks before the National Awards Night).

The Top 10 placegetters are decided by a third group of judges (minimum of 3 respected music industry professionals per Category), who vote individually without consultation with each other. Their results are combined and equalised to give eventual Top 10, which are announced live to the audience at the ASA National Songwriting Awards. 


Once the top ten placings are decided, the first place winners of the Major Open Categories and Youth Category will receive a phonecall and/or be notified in writing. This is so that they can be invited to perform at the Awards.

The remaining Top 25 Finalists for each Category are encouraged to attend the National Awards Night, where they can find out in person if they made it to the Top 10! Even those who don’t get into the Top 10 have a great time at this event, as they are able to hear the winning songs played live on the night, and network with other successful songwriters and industry people as part of the fraternity. As a major industry event, the ASA National Awards Night is important for serious songwriters.  Subsequently (usually within 48 hrs after the National Awards Night) the final Top 10 results will be posted on this site.

Those who recieve nominations for the Songwriter of the Year and the Rudy Brandsma Award will be notified prior to the Awards Night.

In the event of a tied mark, entries are awarded equal placings and any prizes will be split between the entrants.

Judging Criteria

Songs are judged on aspects of the songwriting craft:

  • lyrics
  • melody
  • structure
  • arrangement
  • and originality

Because the major concern of the Association is songwriting, the songs are not judged on the performance or the quality of the recording.
The ASA chooses the judges but is not responsible for their decisions. The ASA selects the winner of the Songwriter of the Year from among the Category Winners, and the Rudy Brandsma encouragement award from among member songwriters who have done well in the competition, or who display some outstanding element that cannot be overlooked.

For the Australian Songwriting Contest rules and regulations, and list of prizes, please check this year's Enrty Form. 



Listen to Past ASA Winners

  • Our Last Goodbye by Karen Guymer

    Winner: 2010 Rudy Brandsma Award
  • Love Letters by Marcel Kramer and Markus Winkler

    Winner: 2010 International
  • No Parade by Eleanor Baker and Rita Btratvich

    Nominee: 2010 Rudy Brandsma Awards
  • Little White Horse by Wendy Morrison

    Placegetter: 2010 Songs For Children
  • I Love You I Hate You by Alexandra Valmorbida

    Winner: 2010 Youth
  • Miss You by Jesse Marantz & Jessica Paige

    Winner: 2010 Contemporary Pop & Open
  • Simple Little Reason by Steve Lymburn & Carly Van

    Winner: 2010 Rock/Indie
  • Ghost by Katrina Burgoyne & Bill Chambers

    Winner: 2010 Country
  • Black and White by Marcella Taylor

    Winner: 2010 Instrumental
  • Haven't You Noticed by Robert Cini

    Winner: 2010 Ballad
  • Coffee My Lover by Kate Rowe

    Winner: 2010 Folk/Acoustic
  • Lismore Girl by Luke Vassella

    Winner: 2010 Australia
  • In Time With You by Bel Morrison & Caleb James

    Winner: 2010 Spiritual (Joint Winner)