1 Snowy Dean John O’Shaughnessy NSW
2 Country’s In Her Heart Lee-Ann Rose NSW
3 Seven Miiles From Sydney Keith Armitage NSW
4 Welcome To Australia Andrew Horabin WA
5 Pascoe River Andy Collins QLD
6 Bangalow Keith Armitage NSW
7 Let’s Hop Over To Kangaroo Island John Wilson VIC
8 Chifley’s Cafe Dave O’Brien WA
9 The Long Way Keith Armitage NSW
10 Sunday Morning Peter Stone WA



1 30 Years On Cash Backman
2 65 Roses Lee J Collier ACT
3 All I Need Keith Armitage/Mary Armitage/Andy Best
4 My Place Col Finley
5 I Believe Debbie Grace QLD
6 Pumpkin Rollin’ Time Stephen T Hutchiinson QLD
7 Darby Jack Warren Mahoney VIC
8 Train To Loverville Michael Gordon/Vanessa Andrew
9 Ready To Roll Mark Clark
10 You Win Some, You Lose Some Leanne King


Dance / Electronica

1 Joy Majella O’Shea NSW
2 Not Da Only One John Toth/Ilona Barberio VIC
3 What Does It Take Alf Tuohey VIC
4 Let’s Try Again Van Carlo/Sereno Ilagan NSW
5 You And I Alf Tuohey VIC
6 Demented Dimension Dylan Hammond VIC
7 Burn Aeon VIC
8 The Thing Brenton Carlaw SA
9 Life On High Corey Robert/James Hunter NSW
10 Dreaming Of The Sun Patrick Giles WA



1 One World, One Planet Kelly Newton-Wordsworth WA
2 Messed Up The River Toni Allayialis/Antoinette Mott/Greg Sheehan QLD
3 Man Unkind Patrick Creamer/Melanie May QLD
4 Tons Chris Trappel ACT
5 One To The Other John O’Shaughnessy NSW
6 I Am An Eagle Nadine GrovenorNadine WA
7 Situation Antonio Corea WA
8 Winds Of Change Paul Cheeseman/Jane Michael Reid QLD
9 Woodland Walks Patrick Gambles TAS
10 Business As Usual Ray Saunders QLD


Folk / World

1 Lonely Balladeer Steve Wade VIC
2 Colour In The Soldiers Simon Nield WA
3 Rebel Flag Michael Hodgkins QLD
4 A Nighttime For Cleansing Tim Muirhead WA
5 Shape Of The Day Michael Hodgkins QLD
6 Shattered Remains Tim Muirhead WA
7 Cradle Song Simon Nield WA
8 We’re Mostly Water Simon Nield WA
9 A Weaver Of Dreams Len Garner/Dave Davies NSW
10 That’s What It Would Feel Like Justine Wallace VIC



1 Y2K Non-Compliant Mike Fitzpatrick VIC
2 Grey Voyagers Theme Janine De Lorenzo/Al Mullins VIC
3 Mr Thao Cicilia Kemezys ACT
4 Play After A Small Whiskey Pete Hawkes NSW
5 Wapskalion John Wilson VIC
6 Jemima’s Lullaby Pete Hawkes NSW
7 Gone Jules Makk QLD
8 Ex-Static Rod Stone VIC
9 Wetlands Mark Hope/Carolyn Woolf QLD
10 Learning To Fly From The Nest Graham Harvey Jackson QLD



1 Big Wigs And Beggars Jason McCall QLD
2 Mrs Brown Catherine Bell Fallico NSW
3 It’s A PC New Millennium Romantic Arrangement Andrew Horabin WA
4 A Voice For The Child Liam English QLD
5 Back Down The Track Rod Eddie QLD
6 God Only Knows (It’s A Mystery) Andrew Horabin WA
7 A Warm Valley NIght Tony McCall QLD
8 Song For The Confused Jason McCall QLD
9 Superhighway Blues Tony Wellington NSW
10 The Gift Allen West NSW


Pop / Contemporary Ballad

1 They Told Me “This Is Africa” Helen Mottee NSW