Ausmusic / Youth

1 Fantasy Danielle Stefanetti WA
2 Life Mundane Sara Downs SA
3 Funky Sound Claire De Freitas TAS
4 Oblivion Sara Downs SA
5 Why You Sara Downs SA
6 Everything Maxine Kiss VIC
7 Walk’N Away Claire De Freitas TAS
8 Balls Like Steel Jo Kelly Stephenson VIC
9 Winter Air Jo Kelly Stephenson VIC
10 I’m On Your Case Danielle Stefanetti WA


Coffee House

1 Zoom Dexter Moore NSW
2 Stop The Clock Sarah Cowan VIC
3 Declarations Elizabeth Flynn QLD
4 Bit Fat Salmon Russell Massey WA
5 Lean On Me Mark Lucas NSW
6 Maybe Someday Alice Rossiter NSW
7 Even Bowerbirds Get The Blues S Sanders/R Crundwell/P Fenton/T Latimore NSW
8 Cornflower Girl Toby Roberts NSW
9 It’s Over Toby Roberts NSW
10 Half Here Toby Roberts NSW



1 Good Guy Gone Bad Gem Luxton WA
2 One Of Those Days Joeline Mandrakas/Tamara Stewart QLD
3 Twenty 4 Seven Michael King/Pam Spencer/Jane Robertson QLD
4 If I’d Known I’d Live This Long A Anderson NSW
5 So Good Kylie Burtland/Paul Greene NSW
6 Some Men (Just Let Go) Michael King/Jane Robertson QLD
7 I Need You A Anderson NSW
8 Fairytale Man Brenton Carlaw WA
9 Love To You Andrew Tragardh/Jackie Moffatt VIC
10 Real Love Gem Luxton WA


Dance / Electronica

1 Craving Jozsef James/Harvier Perez VIC
2 Leave Van Ilagan NSW
3 Fading Majella O’Shea NSW
4 Out West Nathan Winterflood/Sian Brown WA
4 Pulsing Beat Nikky Saleeba WA
6 Flypaper For Freaks Kylie Burtland NSW
7 Jac Jac Jac Antoine Jaja NSW
8 Love Is Gonna Come Andrew Namok/Patrick Morrison QLD
8 Think It Over Benedict Cusack ACT
10 Kaleidoscope Brent Purdy/Bruce Maginas NSW


From the Inside

1 Demons Erin O’Reilly
2 Lazy Bones/Mental Case Phillip Flanagan WA
3 Fragile Wings Catherine Fallico/Wendy Ford
4 Freedom On The Inside David Lloyd-Jones QLD
5 Don’t Feel Sorry For Me Brenda-Lee Heathcote



1 Leapfrog Simon Nield WA
2 Bossa Noosa Ray Saunders QLD
3 Take A Dump David Pritchard-Blunt
4 Spirit Of The Outback Stan Lenz QLD
5 Little Wonder Paul White WA
6 That New TV Theme Nicholas Moore
7 Free Fall Nicholas Moore
8 Salut Nick Wales
9 Inspiration Darren Wilson/Michael Taylor SA
10 Eyes To The Moon Kim Sampson VIC



1 Tell Me Now Anthony English NSW
2 Shackleton Angus Gibson NSW
3 Coffee Break Kristy Hillery VIC
4 Smouldering Male Simon Nield WA
5 We Thought We’d Lost You, Johnny Peter Wesley-Smith NSW
6 Psycho Bitch Jules Makk QLD
7 Don’t Let The Music Die Kate Conyngham NSW
8 Why Did It Happen Catherine Fallico/Kathryn Ferguson/Danny Byrne NSW
9 Circus For The Paranoid Tony McCall QLD
10 How Hard Little Johnny John O’Shaughnessy NSW



1 Little Dictator’s Anxiety Dreams Kylie Burtland NSW
2 Half Past Midnight Courtenay Jordan VIC
3 The Vibrator Song Kylie Burtland NSW
4 Desert Skies Louise Bell NSW
5 Gossamer James Gary SA
6 A Glitch In Memory Ivan Kurnia NSW
7 Machaca Carlos Villanueva NSW