Rock / Metal / Indie

1 Machines David Braid/Michael Mooney NSW
2 I Was There Nathan Tasker NSW
3 I’m Alive Patrick Creamer QLD
4 We’ve Come To Play Mark Crocker/Paul Tan VIC
5 Tin Can Hobo Wayne Stokes NSW
6 Mind Reader Pennie Christensen/Sasha Karcher SA
7 Final Destination Cameron Gregor/Phoenyx Jackson/Steve West NSW
8 Everything To Everyone James Cooper NSW
9 The One That Got Away Heath Skerman QLD
10 Everything Is Beautiful Paul Toole NSW


From the Inside

1 Psalm Belinda Morrison QLD
2 Nothing’s Changed Anthony Constanzo VIC
3 Remove the Barriers Andrew Horabin WA
4 Run Away Alf Tuohey VIC
5 I Wonder Jan Bentley VIC
6 IVF Chris Uren NSW
7 Birdcage Prue Leyden/Chaise Flanders QLD
8 M.E. Blues Ken Davis NSW
9 Lilly Mardi Cook NSW
10 When She’s Gone Timothy Slater VIC



1 Beyond Advice Maria Fakitopoulos VIC
2 Easy Road Fiona Latham ALD
3 Life’s Like That Bob McIntosh/Stewart Peters NSW
4 Georgie Boy Andrew Horabin WA
5 Lost Sheep Callee Mann NSW
6 Oxford Street Waltz Ivan Kurnia NSW
7 Rachel Trish Delaney-Brown NSW
8 Severe Thomas Glancey NSW
9 City Of Illusion Jo Kelly Stephensen VIC
10 10 Guitars Edgar Malcolm WA


Pop / Contemporary Ballad

1 New Flame Kay Fallico/Erin Sherlock NSW
2 Idiosyncrasy Sven Tydeman/Anthony Snape NSW
3 Love Of My Life Samantha Kate Mooney QLD
4 Feel Her Voice Daniel Arvidson NSW
5 Inspired Michelle Thorne/Ryan Black VIC
6 Alleyway Cafi Daniel Arvidson NSW
7 On The Other Side Melissa Christie NSW
8 Prove It Misty Fisher/Michael Storey NSW
9 Kissed By You Sven Tydeman/Penny Phillips NSW
10 Stay Meegan May TAS


Coffee House

1 The Bethlehem Bell Ringer Carl Cleves NSW
2 Refugee Noel Gardner QLD
3 Affirm Your Masculinity Andrew Horabin WA
4 A Resting Place Carl Cleves NSW
5 Stupid Lies Kaz Mitchell VIC
6 Second Sight Jamie Clark/Leah Cotlerell/Meg Kanowski QLD
7 Blue And Grey Mardi J Pannan NSW
8 Don’t Sing Me Blue Mardi Cook NSW
9 Weapon Of Mass Destruction Stephen Kermode NSW
10 In The Pale Moonlight Michael Backhouse ACT


Spirit of Australia

1 Down Under In Australia Phil Splitter/Susie Davies-Splitter VIC
2 Grandpa’s Words Allan Webster/Gary Telford SA
3 Dinky Di Aussie Phil Splitter/Susie Davies-Splitter VIC
4 Balibo Boys Neil Young ACT
5 Roving Paul White/Craig Pinkey/Anthony Bridges WA
6 Eternity Linda Tinney ACT
7 Melbourne Nights Colin Rock VIC
8 All Australian Mark Crocker VIC
9 Darwin In December Brett Ireland NT
10 G’day Mate How Are Ya? Michael Laman Thomas/Matthew Edmunds QLD



1 Pistolero Mark Tinson
2 Highwire Mark Tinson
3 Home By Dark Nigel Foote
4 Chicken Pants Peter Steel QLD
5 Jaquard Heart Robyn Payne VIC
6 Spanish Odessey Simon Refalo
7 Porch Chair Blues Graham Jackson/Robert Reeves QLD
8 People Of The Rain Peter Ryan
9 Nocturne Kristy Hillery
10 Reflections Bradley Lockwood/Russell Dick
10 The Yodelling Aussie Pixie Peter Mann



1 Maralinga Dawn Jan Turner-Jones QLD
2 Cuttin’ Cane Tony McCall QLD
3 Tomato Creek Way Julie Tawse VIC
4 Our Slim Kay Fallico NSW
5 Hay Train Kathleen Y. McLennan VIC
6 Too Late For Roses Michael Baker WA
7 Legends Jan Turner-Jones QLD
8 White And Black Josh Hulm NSW
9 Let’s Be Brilliant Malcolm McCallum/Adrian Miller NSW
10 Flower-Time Girl Jan Turner-Jones QLD



1 Up Danny Hopper SA
2 Then There Was You Doug Slater QLD
3 That Ain’t Country Bradley Lockwood NSW
4 Bars and Steel Guitars Colin Rock VIC
5 She Left Me For A Woman Michael Blake WA
6 We Don’t Do Love Anymore Laurie Manitzky QLD
7 Martha Jane Mark Lucas NSW
8 From Where I Stand Michael King/Jane Robertson QLD
9 She Wore No Shoes Nigel Foote SW
10 Dirty Money Christopher Elliott VIC


Jazz / Blues

1 Love’s Dance Debra Blaquiere/Jeremy Challender NSW
2 Simple Feast Trish Delaney-Brown NSW
3 If Wishes Were Kisses Debra Blaquiere/Jeremy Challender NSW
4 I Got A Loss Here Lord Adrian Kosky VIC
6 Hotel Blues Paul Davey NSW
7 It’s You Fiona Boyes VIC
8 Friday Come Sunday Mark Lucas NSW
9 (When) Emotion Blows Dugald Mclaren TAS
9 Run Away Leanne Paris NSW
10 Daddys’ Little Soft Top Simon Nield WA


Dance / Electronica

1 Touch The Sky Mark Crocker/Paul Tan/Allan Dy/Steve Jacobs VIC
2 Global Rocco Catania/Paul Wilshire VIC
3 Solitude Jozsef James VIC
4 Come On Mic Conte/Ben Hand NSW
5 True Love Rocco Catania/Paul Wilshire VIC
6 Fresh On The Edge Julia Messenger VIC
7 Taken 4 Granted Jozsef James VIC
8 Disco Duck Michael Hibberd NSW
9 The Ocean Tom Watson/Denise Schilk SA
10 Buzz Bop Jules Makk QLD


Spiritual / Sacred / Gospel

1 We Will Find A Way Trish Delaney-Brown NSW
2 Lead Me Home David Carter/Merelyn Carter VIC
3 True To Your Heart Bradley Lockwood
4 Give Me Wings Jozsef James VIC
5 The Eyes Of Christ Adrian Tabone VIC
6 Evermore Monique Lisbon VIC
7 Life Starts Here Michael Ross QLD
8 Precious Child Anita G. Thomas QLD
9 You Are There For Me Nicholas Orr
10 Livin’ In The Present Damian Coen


R&B / Rap / Hip-Hop

1 Georgie Boy Andrew Horabin WA
2 The Music Daniel Christos NSW
3 Out After Midnight Steve Wade/Phebe VIC
4 Come Down Quenton Miles NSW
5 Maximum Chill David Watson VIC
6 Hard To Say Goodbye Alf Tuohey/Thanh Bui VIC
7 Miss U So Much Aeon VIC
8 Blood & Money Jo Kelly Stephensen VIC
9 Feel It 2 Brett Aplin VIC
10 First Impression Ofelia Guizzon QLD


Ausmusic / Youth

1 Lost Sheep Callee Mann NSW
2 Red Wine And Roses Lauren Brede WA
3 Come A Little Closer Kylie Fisher NSW
4 Wet Shoes Callee Mann NSW
5 Time For You To Go Lauren Brede WA
6 On The Other Side Melissa Christie NSW
7 Crave Prue Leyden/Michael Flanders QLD
8 Holding Me Back Kylie Fisher NSW
9 Looking Around Katrina Burgoyne NSW
10 I’m Just A Girl Leah Briggs SA