1 Lismore Girl Luke Vassella NSW
2 Jacaranda Falls Christopher Pye QLD
3 I’m Aussie Keren Alexander NSW
4 Rocks On Fire Denis Kitto TAS
5 Another Stormy Night In Queensland Cath Butler QLD
6 Lest We Forget John Littrich, Neil McCann and Paul McGee NSW
7 A Place To Call Our Home Tom Bolton VIC
8 Australia Remembers John Littrich, Neil McCann and Paul McGee NSW
9 My Sweet Sydney Town Stuart Hall NSW
10 Blowing Breeze Brad Cole NSW
1 Haven’t You Noticed Robert Cini QLD
2 Warm Place Craig Pinkney WA
3 No Parade Eleanor Baker and Rita Bratovich NSW
4 Mirror Mirror Peta Evans-Taylor NSW
5 Break My Heart Robert Cini QLD
6 Don’t Tell Me Helen Mottee NSW
7 Dreams Ryan Enright VIC
7 Try To Understand Katie Hardyman NSW
9 Just Enjoy The Ride Samantha Mooney QLD
9 The Chance To Say Goodbye Stewart Peters NSW
9 With These Wings Stewart Peters NSW
1 Miss You Jesse Marantz and Jessica Paige VIC
2 Hold On (The Sky’s Burning) Ali Towers WA
3 Any Smarter Eliza Kate Barker NSW
4 That’s What I Like Bianca Tropeano SA
5 Selfish Robert Cini QLD
6 Bittersweet Sophie Aboud QLD
6 Can’t Stop Lovin’ Krishna Jones NSW
8 Take The Night Sam Gagalowicz ACT
9 Bam Bam Stacey Tierney NSW
10 Hold On Adrian Wilson WA
1 Ghost Katrina Burgoyne and Bill Chambers NSW
2 Above All Else Bel Morrison QLD
3 In Time With You Bel Morrison QLD
4 The Old Man’s Money Kathleen Coleman NSW
5 All In A Day Craig Pinkney WA
6 Blowing Breeze Brad Cole NSW
7 In One Heart Beat Magdalen Macdonald VIC
8 Red Wagon Michael Bryers QLD
9 I’m So Glad He’s Mine Kathleen Coleman NSW
10 Such Beautiful Lies Stuart Hall NSW
1 Coffee My Lover Kate Rowe NSW
2 How You Done Me Wrong Myles Mayo SA
3 Here Comes That Drunk Again Andrew Winton WA
4 No Money George Begbie TAS
5 Little Big Boy Tony King NSW
6 Miss You Jesse Marantz and Jessica Paige VIC
7 Charity Diana Anaid NSW
7 Dear Lie Bianca Tropeano SA
9 Sunsets Chris O’Neil VIC