1 The Mighty Dollar Luke Vassella
2 Ankle Deep Dani Karis
3 The Gold Luke Vassella
4 Wattarka Aubrey Beggs
5 Eleven Long Years Eden Parris
6 Rose Matilda Matt Zarb
7 River Luke Vassella
8 Speargrass Loren Steenkamp
9 Casino Luke Vassella
10 If I Were A Swagman Matt Zarb


1 Boy’s Cry Too Karen Guymer Jacques Mario Gentil
2 Little Irish Mother Terry Bennetts Keith Lethbridge
3 A Family Emergency Magdalena Macdonald
4 My Dream Chris Orchard
5 Don’t Doubt My Words Bill Gray
6 Free Daniel Leelarthaepin
7 Will It Ever Come Back To Me Madeline
8 For You Jade Leonard
9 Different On The Outside Marie Georgiou
10 From Now On Paul Gioia


co-writer co-writer
1 Romeo Skii Harvey
2 What You Were Waiting For Kate Vigo
3 Radiate Sami Tauber
4 Smile Jesse Marantz
5 She Don’t Need To Know China Doll
6 Real Love Alexandra Valmorbida
6 Where Are You Now? Gino Campagnaro Simon McRitchie
8 Lights Alexandra Valmorbida Michael Payntor Michael De Lorenzis
9 Like A Razor Alexandra Valmorbida Michael Payntor Michael De Lorenzis
10 Fashion James


1 Synchronized Jason Greenwood
2 Brand New Life Samantha Mooney
3 If This Guitar Could Talk Bill Wade Wade Finnagin
4 The Rodeo Justine Camilleri Chris Gale
5 Words In Your Goodbye Vanessa Faynes R Faynes
6 My Place In The World Sally-Anne Whitten Allison Forbes
7 Field Of Flowers Dani Karis
8 Pretty Big Mess Rebecca Moore
9 Casino Luke Vassella
10 Hot Off The Line Kate Parry


1 Empty Spaces Andy Mac
1 Master Plan Troy White
3 Echo Laura Zarb
4 The Drowning Man Chris Griffiths Warwick Fear
5 Always Gary Roberts
6 The Longest Road Chris Griffiths Warwick Fear
7 Boys Cry Too Jacques Mario Gentil
7 Sleepyhead Dave McEldowney
9 All That Jazz Marky D
10 The Path Of Least Resistance Nick Charles


1 Sunset Blues Nick Charles
2 I’m On Your Side Paul Gioia
3 Lullaby For Monty Vanessa Craven
4 Jo’s Tune Sandy Pollard
5 Raven’s Flight Amelia Coffey
6 Sombrero Stan Lenz
7 Brumby Terry Bennetts
8 The Battle Of Hank B Gilmour Calvin Sycamore
9 Maryanne’s Paris Galliano Sommavilla
10 Water & Life (Suite 2) Manjia Luo


co-writer co-writer
1 Last Call Alex Tobin Neil Devereaux
2 Those Were The Days/Sooner Or Later Goodnight Argent
3 Love Storm Dr Teddy De Love
4 Ride The Dragon Neutron Lightning
5 Once Mayu Wakisaka
6 Higher Alexandra Valmorbida Michael Paynter Michael De Lorenzis
7 Light Up Ravi Persaud
8 That’s So Me David VonderBurg
9 Think That You Love Me Jourdain
10 I Don’t Even Play Guitar Glenn Valles
10 It Feels Alright Johan Lotand
10 Peace Kate Lush Wild Captain Radio Tour


1 Beautiful Night Francesca de Valence
2 Lonely Life Ken McInerney
3 Here With You Dave Power
4 Livin’ On Borrowed Time John Greenwood Jason Greenwood
5 Joan Of Arc Jade Leonard
6 Smile Jesse Marantz
7 Sheba Lane Lynn Hazelton
8 Tear Me Away George Begbie
9 Side By Side Lindsay Hamminga
10 I Am Not I Cathy Dobson


1 Great Divide Darryl Barba , John Coulehan , Brian McLeod & Fletcher Bowman
2 Last Call Alex Tobin Neil Devereaux
3 Everywhere Monique Lisbon Adrian Hannan
4 Spider Jason Maynard
5 Black Dog Cooper West
6 You Only Lose The Things You Cling To Adam Finlay David O’Brien
7 Get Back To Funk David Watson
8 Singing Your Favourite Songs Dave Power
9 Eternally Danny Hooper
9 Midnight Slave Bill Woodford
9 Why Don’t We Just Start Adam Finlay David O’Brien


1 Aussie Kid Kathy Possum
2 Skunk In The Bunk David
3 That’s Me Ray Saunders JR Marshall
4 Teddy Bear Joseph Proia
5 Fashionista Elizabeth Cornwall Nathan Eshman
6 Brave Forever Cassi Hilbers Joel Walkenhorst
7 Give Me Some Crayons (Ren’s Song) Mark Ferris
8 Mr Ducky Is A-Driftin’ By Carol Pearce
9 Veggie Patch Rock Stacy Tierney
10 Follow Your Nose Leo Kahans
10 The Story Of You Know Who Michael Mills


1 When He Comes Jacques Mario Gentil
2 No Other Name Rob Nightingale
3 Free At Last Jacques Mario Gentil
4 Time To Be Moving On Lola Brinton Trisha Roldan
5 I Wonder What Heaven’s Like? Greg J Bryant
6 Everything But Love Jacques Mario Gentil
7 Old Friend Loren Steenkamp
8 Lion And The Lamb Craig Bowen
9 I’m Only Sleeping Katie Hardyman
10 Messiah Greg J Bryant


1 Believe In You Kaitlyn Thomas
2 I Won’t Throw Fire Kim Gamaroff
3 Fashionista Elizabeth Cornwell
4 Dandelion Frank Dixon
5 Lost And Found Kelly Griffith
6 Give Up On You Frank Dixon
7 Rush Jake Davey
8 You’re So Good Looking Elizabeth Cornwell
9 Autumn Song Fionn Richards
10 Still Searching Sami Cooke