ASA National Songwriting Contest 2015 TOP 30 RESULTS

The long-awaiting Top 30 Results of this year’s Song Contest are now out, and listed below. Please note, the Top 10 will be revealed at the National Songwriting Awards in Sydney on Fri 4 Dec (see home page for details on tickets). Top 10 will be posted here one week after the event!

  • Please note that songs are listed in alphabetical order of Title, and some songs were moved to different Categories than what they were entered into, when judges recommended this. You may like to cross check all Category lists for your songs.
  • Please also note that many of the Top 30 lists include a few more than 30 Finalists, due to some of the songs scoring the same ratings in the first rounds of judging, and rather than only accepting only 30 songs, we decided to list all songs that were within the Top 30 bracket.
  • Please remember that the Top 10 will not be revealed until the National Songwriting Awards, on 4 December 2015, and information on how to attend that event is on the homepage. If you are not able to attend the event, you will be able to see the Top 10 on the website a few days after the show.
  • Please also realise that getting into the Top 30 is an extremely difficult accomplishment, as the Contest attracts thousands of entrants and the quality is extremely high. If you have missed out this year, it by no means suggests that your entries may not have been very good.lots of great entries had to be bypassed in the excruciating culling process that our judges go through.
Song Title Writer/s
(It’s Time That You) Came Home Mike Cardy
A little Bit Long Way Stewart Peters
Another One Down Clair Hayes, Peter Knight
Aunty Tiny Tony English
Back Creek Road Kerrie Garside
Bouquets Of Love Lola Brinton  Shawn  Lidster
Bow Legs Tony Murphy, Jennifer Matthews, Paul  Harris
Cabarita Morning Steve Montgomery
City Sounds Ben Campain
Clarence River Valley Josy Billing
Come On People Anica Karu
Country Footy Stewart Peters
Fools and Angels Peter Bowen
Fool’s Game Keri McInerney
Great & Ancient Land Lloyd Clarke
Gun Shearer Kathy Coleman
Gypsy In My Heart John Williams
Heart of the Valley Michael Waugh
Hippy Cowgirl (Album Demo Version) Wendy Ford
His Name Was Henry Lola Brinton  Brad  Cole
I Remember You Kayelene Carruthers
I Wrote This One For You Becci Nethery
Livin On Air Lynn Hazelton
Made It To Tamworth Kerrie Garside
Melbourne Kinda Night Mitchell Power
Melita Station Lynn Hazelton, Bill Chambers
Murray River dreaming Glen Naylor, Chris  Wilson
Poppies Tylah Rose Winyard, Jennifer Matthews, Paul  Harris
Sydney Morning Christopher Orchard
The Keepers of the Land Graham  Howle
Through The Eyes of a Boy Wendy Wood
Today I Could Be Dead Lola Brinton  Sven  Tydeman
While Women Wait John Walsh  Imogen  Clark
Woman Waiting Rob Imeson


Song Title Writer/s
A Hero in us All Karen Guymer
Big Love Emma-Kate  Stampton
February Sky Lloyd Clarke
Fly Katie Hardyman
Fly Away Lori Greco
For You Peter Salata
He’s Being Your Mum Deborah Robertson
I Feel Sorry For The Stars Tonight Susan Muranty
I Lied Danielle Deckard
I’ll Stay Here Anita Paul
Im Not Finished Yet Christopher Orchard
I’m Sorry Is Just Not Enough Steve Montgomery
It Feels Right Karen Guymer
Just Wanna Say Hello Katie Hardyman
Little Piece of Love Karen Guymer, Jacques  Gentil
Little tears Kathy Coleman
Love Dances in the Rain – Duet Karen Guymer
Luckiest Lovers snez dalceska
Made For Loving You Donna Dyson,  Damien Leith
Nothing Short of a Miracle Karen Guymer, Jacques  Gentil
On My Side Elisa Kate
One More Night Alex Tobin
Rolling Over Anirban Banerjee
Roses in Springtime Marty Carmichael
Ruby’s Song Kelly Cork
See You Later Ron Robert McIntosh
Shooting Star Rick Hart
Something I Know Anirban Banerjee
Something to Think About George Begbie
Stronger Than Her Fate Magdalena Macdonald
The Chance Again Lori Greco
The Last Candle Andrea Clut
The Little Things (Chloe’s Song) Hannah May Bartle
The Wonder Of You Terry Plowman
Time For Change Dave Power
Undecided Anirban Banerjee
Walls Julia Michaels
Weighing On My Mind Rick Hart
What Have I Gotta Do Danny Hooper
What It’s All About Jacques Gentil
Where the Willows weep Glen Naylor, Chris Wilson
While Women Wait John Walsh  Imogen  Clark


Song Title Writer/s
A Moment to See Karen Guymer
All That Glitters Jackie Ward
Beez In Space Matthew Sertori
Building Bridges Karen Guymer
Burn James Hampton, Pat Pattison
Butterflies Andre Leong
End Of The World Danielle Deckard
Give it Up David King, Anna Chaplin, Time Dutton, Blessie Pica
Hello World Frank Dixon
I See You Everywhere Michelle Hullett
I Want To Be Out There Geoff Jones
Is This Real Kaitlyn Thomas
It’s Better If We Don’t Demi Louise
It’s My Time Jacqui Morrison, Annemieke Morrison
Just Wanna Say Hello Katie Hardyman
Made For Loving You Donna Dyson, Damien Leith
Make Me Happy Emma-Kate  Stampton, Kate  Heart
My Stupidity Lola Brinton  Kerrie  Garside
Own Self Francesca de Valence
Rear View Mirror Anirban Banerjee
Rolling Over Anirban Banerjee
Second Chance Skii Harvey
Smiling Through Your Sunscreen Brad Petryczkowycz
Something I Know Anirban Banerjee
Take The Time David Hinds, Lyn Hinds
Taxi Driver Demi Louise
Tell Me I’m Wrong Amy Sugars
The New Bohemians Amanda Easton
Twenty Hannah May Bartle
Undecided Anirban Banerjee
Unsung Hero Aislinn Sharp
Weapon Words George Begbie
Wild Adventure Alex Tobin
Zensday Chris Fisher


Song Title Writer/s
1963 Alan Buchan
Beautiful Michael John Horneman, Cielle Monique  Kinross
City Boys and Cowgirls Carmelo Cacciola, Jim Harding
City Lights Rick Hart
Cold As Dry Ice Lawrence Neilsen, Wal Neilsen
Cold Comfort Kelly Cork
Coming for you Catherine Dobson
Country Girls Don’t Frock Up Vanessa Lea, Roger Faynes, David Rogerson
Everybody (Piece of Gold) Alison Jeeves
Foolishly Glen Naylor, Chris Wilson
Good Things Geoff Yelaska
He Went to Check the Water Graham Howle
Home Sweet Home Renee Jonas
I Need You To Hold Me Kathy Coleman
I’d Like To Say Greg Williams
It’s a Shame Kathy Coleman
Lately Marty Carmichael
Levon Helm Rick Hart
Livin on Air Lynn Hazelton
Lonely Town Karen Craigie
Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child Heath Watts
Made It To Tamworth Kerrie Garside
Many Things Chris Fisher
My Heart’s On Fire Melissa Robertson
Our First House Kathy Coleman
Silver and Gold Loren Steenkamp
Springtime In My Heart Jan Windolf
String Pie Simon Kinny-Lewis
The Cowboy On His Horse Terry Plowman
The Devil’s Garden Lola Brinton, Jasper Shelton Hollis
The Dobro Song Geoffrey Williams
The Midnight Train John Greenwood
Watching The World Fade Away Doug Hendry
Wishing Keri McInerney
You Aint Worth The Rain Natalie Howard, Matt Scullion


Song Title Writer/s
24 Hours George Begbie
A Hero in us All Karen Guymer
A Song For The Lonely Katrina Burgoyne
A Thousand Times Danielle Deckard, Paul Dougherty
All  Of That And More Kerrie Garside
Blondie Chris Fisher
Break Free Jodie Boni
Broken Bird Rick Hart
Carnivore Sharlene  Rainford
Come for the Berries (if not quite for me) Clare Younis
Dear Susan JJ Maclean
Doing Time Peter Bowen
Don’t Blow Up the World Until I’ve Shown You Paris Tony King
Enough Cam Nacson
Fly Too High Karen Guymer
Get That Woman Bronwyn Eather
Gone David Hyams
Gotta be sure /Always In My Heart Frankie Walsh
Head Towards Wonderful Snez Dalceska, Stewart Peters
House on Four Wheels Snez Dalceska, Stewart Peters
I Found You Nick Charles
I Wrote This One For You Becci Nethery
I’m Sorry Is Just Not Enough Steve Montgomery
Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child Heath Watts
Lost Control Alex Crook
Love My Ghost Julia Michaels  Sven Tydeman
Mafeking Hill Michael Waugh
Marmalade Jane Graham Howle
Maybe Hugh William Davies Sven Tydeman
Mr Mouse and Me Snez Dalceska, Stewart Peters
Mumma’s Little Girl Keri McInerney
One More Song Stewart Peters
Poppies Tylah Rose Winyard, Jennifer Matthews, Paul Harris
Santa I Can Explain! Steve Montgomery
Searching Donna Dyson, Damien Leith
The Boss is in Tonight Lynn Hazelton
Tomorrow In Australia Andy Kidd
Years of Experience Wendy Ford
You Saved Me Ana Bogdanovic
You’re Here I’m Now Amy Vee