ASA National Songwriting Contest 2015 TOP 30 RESULTS

The long-awaiting Top 30 Results of this year’s Song Contest are now out, and listed below. Please note, the Top 10 will be revealed at the National Songwriting Awards in Sydney on Fri 4 Dec (see home page for details on tickets). Top 10 will be posted here one week after the event!

  • Please note that songs are listed in alphabetical order of Title, and some songs were moved to different Categories than what they were entered into, when judges recommended this. You may like to cross check all Category lists for your songs.
  • Please also note that many of the Top 30 lists include a few more than 30 Finalists, due to some of the songs scoring the same ratings in the first rounds of judging, and rather than only accepting only 30 songs, we decided to list all songs that were within the Top 30 bracket.
  • Please remember that the Top 10 will not be revealed until the National Songwriting Awards, on 4 December 2015, and information on how to attend that event is on the homepage. If you are not able to attend the event, you will be able to see the Top 10 on the website a few days after the show.
  • Please also realise that getting into the Top 30 is an extremely difficult accomplishment, as the Contest attracts thousands of entrants and the quality is extremely high. If you have missed out this year, it by no means suggests that your entries may not have been very good.lots of great entries had to be bypassed in the excruciating culling process that our judges go through.