1 While Women Wait Imogen Clark John Walsh NSW
2 Hippy Cowgirl Wendy Ford NSW
3 Gun Shearer Kathy Coleman NSW
4 Gypsy In My Heart John Williams NSW
5 Murray River Dreaming Glen Naylor Chris Wilson VIC
6 Aunty Tiny Tony English VIC
7 Country Footy Stewart Peters NSW
8 Through The Eyes Of A Boy Wendy Wood NSW
9 Livin’ On Air Lynn Hazelton WA
10 Clarence River Valley Josy Billing NSW
10 Woman Waiting Rob Imeson NSW


1 See You Later Ron Robert McIntosh NSW
2 I Lied Danielle Deckard NSW
3 A Hero In Us All Karen Guymer VIC
3 Made For Loving You Donna Dyson Damien Leith QLD
3 Rolling Over Anirban Banerjee ACT
6 Fly Katie Hardyman NSW
7 Time For Change Dave Power QLD
8 On My Side Elisa Kate NSW
9 I’m Not Finished Yet Christopher Orchard NSW
9 Little Tears Kathy Coleman NSW
9 Love Dances In The Rain Karen Guymer VIC


1 Undecided Anirban Banerjee ACT
2 Give It Up David King Tim Dutton, Blessie Pica, Anna Chaplin NSW
3 Taxi Driver Demi Louise VIC
4 End Of The World Danielle Deckard NSW
5 Hello World Frank Dixon VIC
6 Is This Real Kaitlyn Thomas VIC
7 It’s Better If We Don’t Demi Louise VIC
8 Own Self Francesca de Valence QLD
9 Wild Adventure Alex Tobin NSW
10 Take The Time David Hinds Lyn Hinds NSW


1 Silver And Gold Loren Kate   VIC
1 The Midnight Train John Greenwood   VIC
3 Coming For You Catherine Dobson VIC
4 Cold As Dry Ice Lawrence Neilson QLD
5 You Ain’t Worth The Rain Natalie Howard Matt Scullion QLD
6 Made It To Tamworth Kerrie Garside NSW
7 City Boys And Cowgirls Carmelo Cacciola Jim Harding QLD
8 Everybody (Piece Of Gold) Alison Jeeves QLD
9 The Devil’s Garden Lola Brinton Jasper Shelton Hollis NSW
10 Livin’ On Air Lynn Hazelton WA


1 Love My Ghost Julia Michaels Sven Tydeman NSW
2 Enough Cam Nacson NSW
3 You’re Here I’m Now Amy Vee NSW
4 Gone David Hyams WA
5 A Thousand Times Danielle Deckard Paul Dougherty NSW
6 Maybe Hugh William Davies VIC
7 Song For The Lonely Katrina Burgoyne QLD
8 Gotta Be Sure Frankie Walsh WA
9 Poppies Tyla Rose Winyard QLD
10 24 Hours George Begbie TAS


1 Riders Of The Kimberley Terry Bennetts WA
2 The Bridge Nick Charles VIC
3 Watching Billy Play Nick Charles VIC
4 Survive The Night Neville Kaye NSW
5 The Long Haul Jim Ottaway QLD
6 The Jig Is Up Brian Ralston NSW
7 Out Of The Darkness Jim Ottaway QLD
8 My Child’s Child Raymond Clarke QLD
9 Fly Katie Hardyman NSW
10 Rocker’s Rave Joel Baligod SA


1 Tell Me Coa Lopez Joe Alonso, Lino Castanares USA
2 Waiting Out The Wanting Nitanee Paris USA
3 A Hero In Us All Karen Guymer AUS
4 One More Night Alex Tobin AUS
5 Guitar Players Get The Girls Debra Gussin USA
6 Enough Cam Nacson AUS
7 Down The River Lola Brinton Jasper Shelton Hollis AUS
8 Summer’s Gone J Lucas Aravena CHILE
9 C’est Toi Et Moi Natalie Jean Guy R Jean USA
10 Love Dances In The Rain Karen Guymer AUS


1 I Am Here To Stay Denise Silk NSW
1 Memoirs Of Vietnam Carmelo Cacciola QLD
3 High Country Hideaway Lloyd Clarke VIC
4 Cabarita Morning Steve Montgomery NSW
5 In The Arms Of Home Sherilyn Page NSW
6 This Is Where I Leave You Wendy Wood NSW
7 Stop Time With A Kiss Susan Muranty NSW
7 The Music Of Summer Sherilyn Page NSW
9 Levon Helm Rick Hart VIC
9 Mr Bogey Man Magdalena Macdonald VIC
9 Our Hearts Dance Paul Dillon NSW


1 Building Bridges Karen Guymer VIC
2 Cold Comfort Kelly Cork QLD
3 Empire Frank Dixon VIC
4 Til Night Meets The Sun Loren Kate SA
5 Let’s Sail Away Robert McIntosh NSW
6 This Girl John Greenwood Jason Greenwood VIC
7 Fallen Jacques Gentil VIC
8 Love Dances In The Rain Karen Guymer VIC
9 Journey Of Ours Dave Power QLD
9 Hot Air Balloon Snez Dalceska Stewart Peters NSW
10 Don’t Walk Away Christopher Orchard NSW
10 Don’t Bother Me Skii Harvey NSW
10 Our Little Secret Andrew Bertoia NSW
10 Snowflake Katie Hardyman NSW


1 Heat Quentin Clark VIC
2 Your Silence Ben Hobbs Clint Johannes QLD
3 Undecided Anirban Banerjee ACT
4 Blood Moon Stephen Kermode  Chris Rowell NSW
5 Deadly Storm Kaitlyn Thomas VIC
6 In Numbulwar Now Stewart Peters NSW
7 Be Someone Karen Lindsay Greg Byrne, Kevin Fouche, Mark Fouche, Alex Qasabian, Billy Handley QLD
8 Turn David King Julia Michaels NSW
9 See The Signs Chris Fisher NSW
10 Like This Time With Me Belinda Parsons VIC


1 The Wombat Wobble Stan Lenz QLD
2 Jollyme The Kangaroo Adrian Penny NSW
3 Hand Jive Sharon Miller Eddie Saul, Michelle New NSW
4 Amazing In Numbulwar Stewart Peters Numbulwar School, Snez Delcesca NSW
5 Life On The Farm Sharon Miller Eddie Saul, Michelle New NSW
6 Livin’ On Air Lynn Hazelton WA
7 Late For School Blues Kayelene Carruthers QLD
8 Mighty Girl Clare Younis VIC
9 Monkey Fun Jason Greenwood John Greenwood VIC
10 Hungry Crocodile Chomp Carolyn Simpson QLD


1 Horizon Jason Greenwood VIC
2 He Will Hear Lola Brinton Shane Edwards,Sven Tydeman NSW
3 Fallen (Rev 14:8) Jacques Gentil VIC
4 Faith In Me John Walsh Mike Carr NSW
5 Don’t Blow Up The World Until I’ve Shown You Paris Tony King NSW
6 A Million And One Ways To Die Jacques Gentil VIC
7 Spirit World Chris Fisher NSW
8 Gave It All Away Andre Leong WA
9 A Hero In Us All Karen Guymer VIC
10 I Am Blessed (Song For Fathers) Andre Leong WA
10 That’s How Heaven Works Jacques Gentil Lloyd Clarke VIC


1 Why Kayla Borg VIC
2 Aftershock Abbey Slattery VIC
3 Flames Kayla Borg VIC
4 Is This Real Kaitlyn Thomas VIC
5 Superhero Kayla Borg VIC
6 Hello World Frank Dixon VIC
7 Walk Through The Fire Kayla Borg VIC
8 Deadly Storm Kaitlyn Thomas VIC
9 If Love Was A Given Clara Muscat VIC
10 Wonderland Abbey Slattery VIC