The Top 10 Results of the 36th National Songwriting Awards have now been released!

2016 Top 10 across all Categories


1 Spirit  Of Australia Donna Dyson Damien Leith NSW
2 Memoirs Of Vietnam Carmelo Cacciola QLD
3 Calling Me Home Melanie Gray Gina Jeffreys / Makaylie Foodey NT
4 Stretcher Bearer Brendan Smoother NSW
5 The Never Never Rob Imeson NSW
6 The Australian Dream Dave Roberts QLD
7 Waltzing Matilda Dene Menzel VIC
8 Ghost Town Billy Bridge Michael Lockhart VIC
9 Growing Up Laura Byrnes Allen Caswell VIC
10 Great And Ancient Land Lloyd Clarke VIC


1 Love Dances In The Rain Karen Guymer VIC
1 Memories From My Mind David King Jessica Allen NSW
3 I Know You Like It Christopher Mustica VIC
4 Home Rebecca Hellweg VIC
5 The River Is Rising Robert Knox Roland Winsall VIC
6 Tidal Wave Andrew Bertoia NSW
7 A Hero In Us All Karen Guymer VIC
8 I Wish You Were Here Candice Bennett NSW
9 Antarctica Christopher Orchard NSW
10 Forever We’ll Love You Joey Fimmano NSW


1 Standin’ In Line John Blok VIC
2 Better Than This Frank Dixon VIC
3 Get Up Ski Harvey NSW
4 Waiting Alex Tobin NSW
5 Come Alive Daniel Bartulovich John Chmielewski NSW
6 Eyes For You Benjamin Beamish QLD
7 Only Human Karen Guymer VIC
8 Warzone Leea Nanos FATAI VIC
9 Reaching Out Alex Tobin NSW
10 This Too Shall Pass David Taylor Peter Holz NSW


1 Overdrive Kirsty James NSW
2 When I’m Broken Katrina Burgoyne NSW
3 Down In The Boneyard Catherine Dobson VIC
4 I Know You Like It Christopher Mustica VIC
5 Free And Fearless Samantha Mooney QLD
6 Like Johnny Loved June Rob Imeson NSW
7 These Times Are Right Spencer Kelly WA
8 One Tear In My Heart Rebecca Lee Nye Peta Cherae Peters VIC
9 Me And Lucinda Michael Meeking VIC
10 Big Town Blue Ryan Brookhouse NSW
10 Kiss My Arm Stan Lenz QLD


1 Not OK Tamsin Cantwell VIC
2 Get Back Time Christopher Mustica VIC
2 How We Spent Our Days Markus Andersen Living in NORWAY
4 Pearl Laura Byrnes Brianna Lee VIC
5 Devil And The Angel Shawn Lidster NSW
6 Soul In Your Step Ray Alferink ACT
7 Cloud Street Paul White WA
8 I Don’t Want The Night To Come Stephen Sarre NSW
9 Just Wanna Say Hello Katie Hardyman NSW
9 Let You Go Donna Dyson Damien Leith QLD
9 The Hummingbird Donna Pinkney NSW


1 Turquoise Bay Terry Bennetts WA
1 Into The Mist Ray Saunders VIC
3 Destination Unknown Peter Salata QLD
4 Time Machine Rod Christian WA
5 Call Me John Hollywood  HVuko WA
6 Showpony Express Ray Pratley Samantha Bellamy NSW
7 Frangipani Rag Tom Anderson NSW
8 Mythology Pete Hawkes VIC
9 Rabbit Flats Ray Pratley NSW
10 Bellbirds-Manorina Melanophrys (For Eva) Alex Varlow NSW
10 Forbidden Dance Vanessa Craven VIC


1 Broken Arrow Michael McGee Jeff Oxford USA
2 Relativity Francesca de Valence AUSTRALIA
3 Only Human Karen Guymer AUSTRALIA
4 Brand New Life Samantha Mooney AUSTRALIA
5 Free And Fearless Samantha Mooney AUSTRALIA
6 Shine A Light Marshall Smith Tom Fox NEW ZEALAND
7 Me Too Natalie Howard Matt Scullion / Jimmie Lee Sloas AUSTRALIA
8 Me & Scott Walker Marshall Smith NEW ZEALAND
9 Savannah Earl Gillespie CANADA
10 Every Moment Dean Ramsay AUSTRALIA
10 Good Heart Alex Tobin AUSTRALIA


1 Jacaranda Blue Glen Naylor VIC
2 Over There And Back (Billy’s War) Steve Montgomery NSW
3 Violin Sammy Gaha NSW
4 When You Lose Someone You Love Steve Montgomery NSW
5 Drama, Drama, Drama Donna Hotz QLD
6 Imagine Your Friends Are Flowers Ray Martin VIC
7 Christmas In A Cage Sharlene Rainford NSW
8 When The Thirty Three Came Home Merv Webster QLD
9 Harkaway Hall Lloyd Clarke VIC
9 I Want My Body Back Sand Williams NT
9 Woman Melinda J Wells QLD


1 Please Don’t Forget About Me Kelly Cork QLD
2 Free And Fearless Samantha Mooney QLD
3 Love Dances In The Rain Karen Guymer VIC
4 Waiting Alex Tobin NSW
5 All The Way Down Daniel Bartulovich John Chmielewski NSW
6 On The Corner Of Hope And Devine Catherine Dobson VIC
7 Standin’ In Line John Blok VIC
8 The Actor Christopher Orchard NSW
9 Karma Café Wendy Wood NSW
10 Almost Guilty Neville Kaye NSW


1 Crack Of The Whip David Hinds Lyn Hinds NSW
1 A Viking Smile Tony Murphy QLD
3 Who’ll Stop Me Now? Paul White WA
4 The Playground Abbey Gardner NSW
5 Down In The Boneyard Catherine Dobson VIC
6 Sugar Daddy John Blok VIC
7 Technicolour Death Stare Alexandra Price NSW
8 Babylon Jacques Gentil VIC
9 I Wish I Was Conner Stephen Kermode NSW
9 Independent George Terry Mandryk NSW
9 Living It Up David King S Burrel / T Dutton / S Kulakovska NSW


1 Cooking Up A Song Anna van Riel Living in NEW ZEALAND
2 Mysteries Under The Sea Juanita Ryder QLD
3 Swimming In The Bath Sonia Hardie Anton Korytnyj NSW
4 It’s Christmas In Australia Anthony Frizzell VIC
5 Ducks In The Garden Sonia Hardie Anton Korytnyj NSW
6 Under The Mountain Sonia Hardie Anton Korytnyj NSW
7 Milkshake Donna Dyson Wil Hughes QLD
8 The Race Stan Lenz QLD
9 Jump Jump Jump Julie McAllan QLD
10 Follow The Animals Juanita Ryder QLD
10 The Cowboy Song Dez Staunton Vanessa Staunton QLD


1 Babylon Jacques Gentil VIC
2 He Will Hear Lola Brinton Shane Edwards/Sven Tydeman NSW
3 Devoted To The Son Jennifer McAllan NT
4 A Million And One Ways To Die Jacques Gentil VIC
4 You Can Run Anthony Frizzell VIC
6 Rising Donna Dyson Damien Leith QLD
7 River In The Valley Dominic Crea Patrick McMurray VIC
8 One Long Night Matt Coleman WA
8 Out Of This World Carmel Charlton WA
10 Before The Sun Christopher Mustica VIC
10 Christmas Box Mark Fitzsummons NSW
10 Free At Last Jacques Gentil VIC


1 Homeless Bound Sophia Chesworth NSW
2 Monster Victoria Kokkinos VIC
3 Better Than This Frank Dixon VIC
4 Left Behind Hannah Parrington NSW
5 Hidden Malia Stirling QLD
6 This Is What You’ve Done To Me Jessica Newton VIC
7 Nightmares Abbey Gardner NSW
8 Electric Blues Clara Muscat VIC
9 Paranoid Anna Wright VIC
9 Stand Jayda D’Agostino WA
9 The Playground Abbey Gardner NSW
9 The Kids Aren’t Alright Abbey Gardner NSW