Placing Title  Songwriters State
1 I Won’t Be Back Steve Montgomery NSW
2 Flat Top Russ Zimmer/Ian Cannon NSW
3 Welcome Home Soldier Pat Deleo VIC
4 Heartbreak Land Dave Diprose VIC
Equal 5 David Gulpilil Keiran Roberts ACT
Equal 5 My Family And Me Thomas Libreri/Tessa Libreri VIC
7 Four Seasons In One Day Julia Marr QLD
8 Wyndradyne William Murray NSW
9 Safeway Don Cowling VIC
Equal 10 Hume Highway Marni Sheehan/Mark Smith VIC
Equal 10 I Don’t Know (A Postcard From Port Douglas) Steve Montgomery NSW



Placing Title  Songwriters State
1 I Don’t Know (A Postcard From Port Douglas) Steve Montgomery NSW
2 Love Gets The Better Of Me Rick Hart VIC
3 Behind The Seen Brendan Smoother NSW
4 One More Day Helen Townsend WA
Equal 5 No Fear Tiffany Gow NSW
Equal 5 The Beauty Within Adrienne Morgan QLD
Equal 7 All Over By Christmas Paula Standing SA
Equal 7 Exactly How I Feel Keri McInerney/Ross Williams QLD
Equal 7 Surrender Mark Crocker/Celeste Newman VIC
Equal 10 Lay Me Down Thomas Libreri/Tessa Libreri VIC
Equal 10 The People’s Commissioner, Lenny Sunshine Matthew Sertori TAS



Placing Title  Songwriters State
1 Light Me Up Jemma Siles VIC
2 Something Like Love Lucy Parle NSW
3 I Am Not Fine Dale Randolph NSW
4 Perfect Ricky Muscat/James Leigh/Vince Leigh VIC
5 The Boy And His Beast Jade Goodge VIC
6 Mixed Signals Niamh Watson NSW
7 Metro Daniel Maguire ACT
Equal 8 Fall Into Pieces David King NSW
Equal 8 Planned Accidents Never Happen Matthew Sertori TAS
Equal 10 I’m Here Patricia Troisi/Michael Zammit VIC
Equal 10 The Future Is Now Maddison Cash/Matt Bronweelee/Jess Gates QLD



Placing Title  Songwriters State
1 Back To You Jason Greenwood/John Greenwood VIC
2 Anchored Down In Tequila Town Spencer Kelly/Stacy Hogan WA
3 Honky Tonk Bar In The City Anthony Quinsee QLD
4 Blame It On The Wine Renee Jonas/Marika Hallendy-Mallon/Lucy LeBlanc/Pawn Kelly NSW
5 Beautiful Silence Antonio Corea/David Carter/Merelyn Carter/Tori-Rae Davies/Jason Forsyth/Donna Mathews/Iona Grace WA
6 It’s Not Quite A Ghost Town Brian Stitt NSW
7 Hangin’ In The Air Chris Murphy WA
8 One Button At A Time Lola Brinton/Jen Mize/Clinton Wilson NSW
9 Somewhere That You’re Meant To Be Harrison Harper NSW
10 Simple Times Michael Wilks NSW



Placing Title  Songwriters State
1 Different Road Robert Cini QLD
2 Maybe Tonight Matt Coleman WA
3 Chasing  My Tail Talitha Power QLD
4 Verandah Sadie Jones/David Jack Penman QLD
5 Leaving The Harbour Sadie Jones/David Jack Penman QLD