Exciting news! The Top 30 songs in the 2019 Australian Songwriting Contest are listed below. Please note that songs are in alphabetical order only. Also be aware that the Top 10 results will be announced at the National Songwriting Awards, so if you want to be the first to know about those, book your tickets now using the following link:

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Please also note that the reason some of the Top 30 lists contain more than just 30 songs, is that where there was a draw between songs in the earlier judging stage, we keep all the songs rather than culling them at that point. We believed the best way is to allow a further, fresh set of judges to make the final call. BE VERY PROUD if you are in these lists. Hundreds of strong songs have had to be excluded already, and this year’s standard was exceptionally high!

So in short, please note the following before reading the top 30 lists below!

  1. Songs in each Category are listed in alphabetical order of Song Title only (not ranking).
  2. Top 10 results will be first revealed at the National Songwriting Awards in Sydney in October.
  3. Some Categories have more than 30 songs listed, because where songs received the same scores, we included them all in the list.
  4. Lyrics Category Top 30 are now up, and listed at the end after all the other categories.


Song Title Firstname Lastname Co-writers
Apollo Bay Kieran O’Connell
At Ballarat Max Richards
Bill Robin Levinson
Broken Hearts in Broken Hill Lloyd Back
Crows Stephen Phillip
David Gulpili Keiran Roberts
Down In That Town Johnny Tedesco David Hyams
Dust To Ashes Sadie Jones David Jack Penman
Dusty Days And Ice Cold Beer (Australian Christmas) Sani Bolton
Flat Top Russ Zimmer Ian Cannon
Four Seasons In One Day Julia Marr
Great Courage Thomas Libreri Tessa Libreri
Heartbreak Land Dave Diprose
Hume Highway Marni Sheehan Mark Smith
I Don’t Know (A Postcard From Port Douglas) Steve Montgomery
I Won’t Be Back Steve Montgomery
It’s Time For Us To Hear Luke Robinson
Just A Boy On A Mallee Farm Melvyn Moll
King Of This Country Bradley Christmas
Make It Till Christmas Laura-Therese Davis
My Family And Me Thomas Libreri Tessa Libreri
Nearest Country Pub Stephen Phillip
Never See Their Kind Again John Casey Henrique Dib
Old Neds Young Offsider Brendan Smoother
One Last Shot Vanessa Craven
Our Australia Terry Bennetts
Our Own Backyard Melanie Gray Max Jackson, Gina Jeffreys
Pacific Highway Kylie Adams-Collier
Part Of The View David Harrison David Harrison
Ruby – The Cattle Dog And The Farmer Maria Harkins
Safeway Don Cowling
Salt Of The Earth Jon Davis
Southern Ian Fitzsummons
Such Is Life Geoffrey Bates
The Australia I Know Renee Jonas
The Ballad Of Hawkie Mike Foley
The Ringer Alex Varlow
The Technophobe Stephen Phillip
Theres Gotta Be A Better Way Luke Robinson
To Change Her Mind Steve Montgomery
Two Beers From Anywhere Christopher Haskard
We Are Children Of The Dreaming William Murray
Welcome Home Soldier Pat<