The Australian Songwriters Association is a national, non-profit, member organisation dedicated to the support of songwriters and their art, through providing avenues for encouragement and education of developing Australian songwriters, and recognition and promotion of our accomplished members.

Aims of the Association

  • To celebrate the art of songwriting;
  • To assist and encourage developing Australian songwriters
  • To provide information and general advice to members;
  • To create performance opportunities for members;
  • To aid the professional development of members;
  • To enable members to meet and/or exchange ideas and information
  • To facilitate member transition into the established music industry;
  • To facilitate delivery of member services at a National, State and Regional level;
  • To salute our best songwriters at major industry events such as our National Awards Night.

History of the ASA

The Association was founded in Melbourne in 1979 by businessman the late Tom Louch (1932-1998) and recording engineer the late Rudy Brandsma (1944-1983), who saw the need for an organisation that would bring Australian songwriters together. Today the Association has a vibrant membership Australia-wide and enjoys an established and respected role within the music industry. The ASA’s membership is diverse and embraces and explores all genres of music.

We Need You! Would you like to join the team to help songwriters in Australia?
Members may apply to:

  • Be a Regional Coordinator
  • Join a regional committee and help build a stronger ASA presence near you.
  • Volunteer to run events that create performance opportunities for members
  • Help us build our songwriting community in various ways on and offline.

Non-members as well as members are welcome to contribute by:

  • Helping promote the Australian National Songwriting Contest
  • Helping with processing of song contest entries (if you are in NSW)
  • Writing or obtaining articles for the newsletter
  • Sending us articles to consider for the forthcoming Songwriting Tips section of the website
  • Assisting us obtain or identify potential sponsors (particularly for the Australian National Songwriting Contest)
  • Nominating yourself as a Volunteer

Please contact the office on 02 9516 4960, or email us at


If you are an organisation or company seeking to sponsor a body involved in the creative arts, we would like to hear from you!

The ASA Structure and Rules – You can find out about our basic setup by reading the Constitution via the link below. We also have well formulated Guidelines for the day-to-day running of the various aspects of our Association, and these apply across the country in a system managed by the National Office in Sydney.

ASA Constitution