16 Years And Under

1 Existing Change Nicole Dagestino/Joseph Romeo WA
2 That’s A Lie C. DeFreitas TAS
3 What Would He Do Sarah McLennan NSW
4 Healthy Nation Alex Cook WA
5 Today’s Not The Day Alex Cook WA
6 Sad Sunny Day Emma Capone SA
7 Dreamt Paradise Nicole Dagestino/Joseph Romeo WA
8 Self Infatuation Tom Spall SA
9 Federation Song Eden Norton WA
10 All My Heroes Are Dead Pete Cornelius TAS


Ausmusic Student Award

1 If You Want It Tonino Speciale
2 Girl Of My Best Friend Tonino Speciale
3 Baby It’s You Enza Russo, Vic Ricigliano
4 Cold, Hard Floor Jo Stephenson
5 Is It The Love Brooke Small VIC
6 Morning Star Nardi Simpson, Emma Donovan, Kaleena Briggs
7 Another Way Brooke Small
8 Who Jade Leonard
9 Resolutions Jade Leonard
10 Shadowland Jade Leonard


Coffee House

1 (I’d Really) Father Not Andrew Horabin WA
2 Al Saunders’ Garage Robbie Greig VIC
3 If I Can Trust These Men Andrew Horabin WA
4 A Distance David Liotta, Jodi-lee Jessop NSW
5 Face Me Pollard/Marcus Attwood VIC
6 It’s So Beautiful Chelsea Gibson WA
7 Release Me Maria Fakitopoulos, Ben Dix VIC
8 Take Me Away Andrew Dahlsen NSW
9 Shoes Lying In The Hall P.D. Riches VIC
10 Father Father David Hart NSW


Contemporary Pop / Ballad

1 Bitch Undercover Sophie Anderson WA
2 Summertime Lover Shant Sarkissian/Paul Gonzalez NSW
3 Happy John Kairn VIC
4 Another Day Damien Watkiss WA
5 Hot Dog Stand Rob Spence/Graham Cann WA
5 Only You Shant Sarkissian/Paul Gonzalez NSW
7 To Them Sophie Anderson WA
8 A Distance David Liotta/Jodi-Lee Jessop NSW
9 Ripples Jillian Jones ?
10 Spirit Of Sydney Ruth Arthur/Kristen Townes/Brendan Lichtendonk NSW



1 My Life Col Finley NSW
2 A Little Place Called Love David Carter/Merelyn Carter/Rene Ford VIC
3 Life’s Open Road Terry Bennetts WA
4 Grandpa Kay Hannah/L. Skinner QLD
5 I Wanna Be Your Man Rohan Powell SA
6 Worst Of Me Mark Lucas NSW
6 Dance With The Devil David Carter/Merelyn Carter/Rene Ford VIC
8 Daddy Comes Home Cyndi Boste VIC
9 Every Time You Hold Me David Marriot SA
10 Won’t Say Goodbye Mark Lucas NSW


Dance / Rap / Hip-hop / Techno

1 Damage Kylie Burtland
2 Believe In Your Soul David Liotta/Jodi-Lee Jessop/Wicks
3 Stop Myself Abbe May WA
4 You Can’t Stop Me Now Louise Perryman/Kere Buchanan
5 Lovely Maria Waddy Oweis/Brydon Stace
6 Rosie Julie O’Hara VIC
7 Let’s Get Down To Business Waddy Oweis/Brydon Stace
8 Talkin’ About Love David Watson VIC
9 All Night Perez Harvier SA
10 Twisted Elegance Warren McLean



1 (I’d Really) Father Not Andrew Horabin WA
2 Checkmate Ruth Arthur/David Sandys
3 The Storyteller Helen Pollock
4 Cat And The Canary Leonie Macpherson
5 Crystal Tuesday Jeff Gough QLD
5 Shadow Land Ruth Arthur
7 Zero Zero Contact Vanessa Quintal WA
8 Separation (And Those Funny Bits Of Paper) Graham Jackson QLD
9 Bitter Bones Adrian Miller/Malcom McCallum
10 Two Contenders For Your Crown Geoff Turner


Rock / Metal / Alternative

1 Stereotypical Savino Barone NSW
2 Heart Of An Angel Mario Ienca/Scott Bummer WA
3 Simple Pleasures Heath Brady/Alex Raunjak VIC
3 Toxin Bath Lui Tsokis/Vince Serra VIC
5 Superficial Kelly Ophel NSW
6 Propell Kelly Boulton/Chris Wilcox ACT
7 Just Like I Said Christenson/Karcher/Thyer/Clarke SA
8 Freedom Kelly Ophel NSW
9 Gone Darren Nurick NSW
10 Stolen Hearts Ruth Arthur/Kristen Townes/Brendan Lichtendonk NSW


Song For Reconciliation

1 Children Of The World Garry Frost NSW
2 Precious Ground Keiran McCathy QLD
3 Recon Ian Zajac SA
4 Don’t Say You’re Sorry If You Don… Tom Powell/Tony Miller NSW
5 Time To Say Sorry Raymond Molloy QLD
6 The Spirit Can’t Be Broken Trevor Carter VIC
7 Walking Together Bernard Carney WA
8 Songlines Garry Frost NSW
9 Heart To Heart Emmanuel Blondel WA
10 Healing Song Reynold Indich/Delson Stokes WA



1 The Journey Quentin Eyers/Brian Gilbertson SA
2 Celtic Dance Joey Fimmano NSW
3 Shine Damien Watkiss/Guy Ghouse WA
4 Ain’t Love A Bitch Brett Hardwick WA
5 Never Alone Stewart Dudley NSW
6 Meaning Of Life Peter Smith WA
7 4 Winds Jules Makk QLD
8 Strangers No More Stewart Dudley NSW
9 Mason’s Gap David Philips/T. Wedde NSW
10 Sunrise John Mills VIC
10 Momento Mori Jules Makk QLD


Spiritual / Sacred

1 Days Of The Restless Dream Neil Quinian VIC
2 Being A Christian (Is An Everyday Of The Week Affair) Michael Done WA
3 Angel Of Mine A. Constanzo VIC
4 Celebration Spirit Brent Purdy NSW
5 When The Clouds Are Full Don Nasrallah NSW
6 Spirit Wind Kym Pitman NSW
7 Spritus Sanctus Elizabeth Henshaw NSW
8 Robin, Sweet Robin Catherine Lambert SA
9 Paradise Jeff Court WA
10 Link Hands Robbie Grieg VIC
10 Dance, My Heart Anita Bitans/Erica Jupp TAS


Wacky Trax

1 Dickheads Bridge/Astbury
2 The Wanking Andrew Horabin
3 The Girl I Love Is A Lesbian Andrew Horabin
4 Pig Train Ben Fryz/Steve Harris NSW
5 Biscuits Tom Bolton VIC
6 She Came In A Plastic Bag Brad Johns NSW
7 The Frog From Mittagong John Couzens/Matt Disney VIC
8 The Chicken Guts Man Quentin Dodd SA
9 Mango Jeremy Gittens WA
10 Last Conductor Martin Perkins VIC


Centenary Of Federation

1 These Are The Hands John Fielding QLD
2 100 Years Of Federation John Wilson VIC
3 Centenary Of Federation David Carter/Merelyn Carter VIC
Merit Australia (Stand Together) Philip Warren/David Reeve NSW
Merit Children Of The World Garry Frost NSW
Merit Federation Country Neil Killion/Gary Luck NSW
Merit Eden Norton WA
Merit Our Greatest Honour Tracey Levett NSW