1 The Dreaming Ingrid Racz / Karen Anne Waters NSW
2 Old Bush Tracks Brent Lillie QLD
3 Dinki Di Aussie Phil and Susie Splitter VIC
4 Singing Up A Storm Brent Lillie QLD
5 Glebe Point Road Mark Cryle QLD
6 Windows Of A Train Brian Stitt NSW
7 The Name Of The Game Is Rugby League Brent Lillie QLD
8 A Man Who Works The Land Magdalena Macdonald VIC
9 Hands Across The Nation Glenys Anderson QLD
10 Ronald Ryan Mark Cryle QLD



1 Treasure Box Brent Lillie/Adrian Stuckey/Jennifer Matthews QLD
2 We Are No More Oliver Jones VIC
3 Photographs and Memories Noel Gardner QLD
4 Moody Moments Stuart Parnell Hall NSW
5 One More Reason Bianca Tropeano SA
6 Beyond Control Nichole LaPorte/ Craig Morrisson NSW
7 Jimmy’s Coming Home Deb Beckett WA
8 Beyond Blue Robert McIntosh/ Stewart Peters NSW
9 Story Of You Andi Gallaher QLD
10 Just For A Moment Christo Carlsen ACT


Contemporary Pop/Dance

1 One More Reason Bianca Tropeano SA
2 Barely Alive Ryan Enright VIC
3 Available Conchita Henneberry NSW
4 Juliet Michael Law SA
5 D*N*A John Delaney VIC
6 The Darkness Cameron and Clayton Driessen VIC
7 Got No Friends James Hampton VIC
8 Matador Skii Harvey NSW
9 Yamma Tree Man Ash Morse NSW
10 After Midnight Lucy Milan NSW



1 I’m Not So Sure Anymore Stuart Parnell Hall NSW
2 I Wasn’t Gonna Cry Katrina Burgoyne QLD
3 She’s The One Danny Hooper SA
4 Not A Day Goes By Tahlia McGahey NSW
5 From Time To Time Magdalena Macdonald VIC
6 Come Home Brad Cole NSW
7 Please Wait For Me Melanie Dyer NSW
8 Not Worth The Time Kristal Collins SA
9 When We’re Old Tony King NSW
10 Ramblin’ Girl Glenyss Rae / Mick Daley NSW



1 Mirror Mirror Sabrina Orwin NT
1 When We’re Old Tony King NSW
3 Black Heart Ache Douglas Sandrini NSW
4 I Will Love You Douglas Sandrini NSW
5 Everything I Said Nic Alexander NSW
6 Magic Annie Carment NSW
7 Divine Justice Coming Down John Morris NSW
8 My Father’s Mandolin Luciano Mesiti NSW
9 We Live Ross Hannaford VIC
10 Dare To Be You Phil and Susie Splitter VIC



1 It’s Not Easy Joe Robinson NSW
2 Sand Storm Marcela Taylor VIC
3 Ivanka’s Swing Marcela Taylor VIC
4 Barnyard Bounce Marcela Taylor VIC
5 So Many Things To Say Stewart Dudley NSW
5 Without You Marcela Taylor VIC
7 Kev The Rev Geoff Hook VIC
8 Border Town Geoffrey Warner QLD
9 Flinders Lane Shaun Gardener VIC
10 The Mighty Murray River Ray Clarke NSW



1 When You Gonna Figure It Out? Brett Perkins DEMARK
2 Cliche Andrea James CANADA
3 The Cheesecake Song Ben Sands IRELAND
4 Best Of Me Brooke Supple UK
5 When It Comes My Turn David Myles CANADA
6 Easy Lover Ian Simpson NEW ZEALAND
7 Spanish Moon Cafe Kaye Reznick USA
8 Reach Out Rolf Schnyder SWITZERLAND
9 Que Fado E Este Que Trago Helder Moutinho PORTUGAL
10 Seven Wonders Ryan Martinez USA



1 Billy’s Dream Tony King NSW
2 Fishing With Me Dad Manfred Vijars QLD
3 Still In Love With You Steve Montgomery NSW
4 Thank God (Don’t Mention the War) Steve Montgomery NSW
5 Limestone Ridge Alec Raymer QLD
6 Memories of Lambing Flat Robert McIntosh NSW
7 House of Sorrow Carl Cleves/Parissa Bouas NSW
8 Spirit of Australia Bunty Bisharah NSW
9 One Hand on the Cross Alec Raymer QLD
10 Awkward Strangers Cill Van Der Velden NSW
10 Baayami (It’s Raining on the Rock) Simon Ludowyk VIC



1 When We’re Old Tony King NSW
2 Under My Skin Mirinda Eyre VIC
3 Heaven Knows Craig Morrisson NSW
4 Please Wait For Me Melanie Dyer NSW
5 Why Won’t You Talk? Dave Gillam</