1 Real People Christopher Pye QLD
2 Crosses At The Gate Magdalena Macdonald VIC
2 Sunset On Ben Buckler Jarrad Grimmond NSW
4 Counted Every Penny Mick McHugh NSW
5 The Land We Call Down Under Ted Roberts SA
6 First Time Around (The Fight) Dom Gannon NSW
7 Friday On My Mind Andrea Barnett VIC
8 Things I Should Be Doing Manfred Vijars QLD
9 Eddie Gilbert’s Dream Mark Cryle QLD
9 Kalgoorlie Girl Mark Cryle QLD
9 Tidy Towns Luciano Mesiti NSW
1 My Fire Dani Karis NSW
2 Only In My Dreams Stuart Parnell Hall NSW
3 Try To Understand Katie Hardyman NSW
4 Always And Ever Douglas Hendry QLD
5 Paper Memories Samantha Mooney QLD
6 Now Your Gone Alec Raymer and Michael King QLD
7 My Everyday Guy Walton NSW
8 Were Ever Mine Robert Cini QLD
9 The Chapter You Wrote In My Life Nicola Milan WA
10 Don’t Look Right Through Me Bob Corbett NSW
10 In These Photographs Magdalena Macdonald VIC
10 Sunset On Ben Buckler Jarrad Grimmond NSW
1 Decent People James Hampton VIC
2 Across The Line Brian M Chapman VIC
3 Closer Brad Gandy WA
4 Find Me A Girl Frank Jones VIC
5 Black Widow Aimee Chapman VIC
6 Rosy Glasses Brian M Chapman VIC
7 Apples Andrew Brown QLD
8 Nothing 2 Something Bob Corbett NSW
9 Adrenaline Alexandra Jae VIC
10 Rollinstone Terry Mandryk NSW
1 Hot Kinda Love Craig Morrison NSW
2 Play To Win Paul Owen, Sabrina Alison and Roger Corbett NSW
3 Slow Dancing Bob Corbett NSW
3 The Devil Made Me Do It Paul Owen, Sabrina Alison and Roger Corbett NSW
5 Fireproof Katie O’Donnell WA
6 Make A Man Out Of You Paul Owen, Sabrina Alison and Roger Corbett NSW
7 Rain Tonight Luella Widt QLD
8 You Should’ve Said Kathleen Coleman NSW
9 Where’s The Man Katie O’Donnell WA
10 Awkward Vanessa Lea NSW
10 Inevitable Jon Roberts WA
1 Practise The Lamplights QLD
1 She Kept On Swimming Tony King and Kris Ralph NSW
3 Get Me Some Lovin’ Paul Penton VIC
4 My Best Sue Germein SA
5 On My Way Bob Corbett NSW
6 Before The Bells Dani Karis NSW
7 You Are My Friend Jay Lisle VIC
8 Kalgoorlie Girl Mark Cryle QLD
9 Friendly Fish Andrew Brown QLD
10 Aborigine Bob Corbett NSW
1 Good Month Bad Month Arabesk NSW
2 Jack The Lad Simon Self NSW
3 Big Swell Jeff Cripps NSW
3 Gypsy Rocks Marcella Taylor VIC
5 Blasted Simon Bartlett NSW
6 Haunted Forest Tobias Moldenhauer QLD
7 That Boisterous Border Collie Peter Hawkes VIC
8 Choose Your Identity Andrew Christie VIC
9 It’s The Vibe Antonello Palmisani NSW
10 Dancing Heart Orchestra Peter Westheimer NSW
1 No Bridge Unburned Michael McGee and Jeff Oxford USA
2 Eleven Rolf Schnyder SWITZERLAND
3 Troubles Reed Daly USA
4 Love In Ruins Jen D’Angora USA
5 I Belong Bruce Parker USA
6 Color Of Blue James Burnevik USA
7 Danny Ryan Sy USA
8 The Duchess And The Crown Dom Gannon AUSTRALIA
9 New Day April Henry USA
10 Kisses Like Cocaine Rolf Schnyder SWITZERLAND
1 Chillagoe Soil Simon Self NSW
2 Dreaming On Paul Dillon NSW
3 The Son You Wanted Clem Gorman NSW
4 Please Go Clem Gorman NSW
5 Does Keith Urban Need A Turban H.G. (Steve) Adams QLD
6 Girl’s Night Out – A Pop Opera Paul Dillon NSW
7 One Last Goodbye Elisa Pemberton QLD
8 When Graeme Sang For Me H.G. (Steve) Adams QLD
9 Love Bird Wyane Adam ACT
10 Open Your Heart Jacquie Wise VIC
1 Across The Line Brian M Chapman VIC
2 Movie Star Name Brad Gandy WA
3 I Will Michael Law SA
4 Venomous Kirsten Allendorf QLD
5 You Know I’m Right Brian M Chapman VIC
6 I’m Yours Again Brian M Chapman VIC
7 Crashing Down Jason Smith ACT
8 The One And Only Tony King NSW
9 My Everyday Guy Walton NSW
10 Better Man Magdalena Macdonald VIC
10 Rainbow Debris Daniel Maguire ACT
10 The Last Manly Ferry Jarrad Grimmond NSW
1 Beautiful Steven Lymburn and Carly Van VIC
2 Keith St Natalie Bell VIC
3 Hearing Voices Ryan Enright VIC
4 Mum Killed Princess Di Jon Roberts WA
5 Stressed Out Aexandra Stengl NSW
6 There’s Been A Change Brad Gandy WA
7 Carousel Vanessa Selwyn and PJ Penton NSW
7 Into The Sun Radi Safi NSW
9 Numb Tiffany Gow NSW
10 Untrue Cliff Kent WA
1 The Hopping Mouse The Lamplights QLD
2 Rock And Rolling Nana Glen Naylor VIC
3 Pick It Up Michelle New NSW
4 Go Get Grubby Hewey Eustace NSW
5 Happy Birthday Dear Lord Carmel Charlton WA
6 Life On A Farm Michelle New NSW
7 Prawn Crackers Jayde Bond NSW
8 Tony’s Farm Alita Fahey NSW
9 Happy Mother’s Day Paul McGee, Neil McCann and John Littrich NSW
10 Grandaddy’s Rocking Chair Barbara Whitnell WA
10 Litterbug Peta Stevens NSW
1 Gold Kylie Kain SA
2 Spiritual Journey Peter Hawkes VIC
3 Unfettered Sarah Gracie TAS
4 Hey Everybody Suzanne Serelle NSW
5 His Way – Your Way Sheryl Jollie Briggs WA
6 Miracle Anna Weatherup QLD
7 If I Stay Katie Hardyman NSW
8 Emotional Suicide Kirsten Allendorf QLD
9 Remember Me Madeline Perrone VIC
10 Canon Owen Maskiell NSW
1 Three Little Words Madeline Perrone VIC
2 Make The Change Alexandra Jae VIC
3 Adrenaline Alexandra Jae VIC
3 The Power’s In Our Hands Melanie Dyer NSW
5 Save My Brother First Romany Elmas QLD
6 Set Me Free Olivia Kierdal NSW
7 But It’s Too Late Olivia Kierdal NSW
8 Why Jazz Darcy QLD
9 Remember Me Madeline Perrone VIC
10 Blind Kelly Griffith NSW
10 Starting Line Ray-Lee Russell QLD