1 Real People Christopher Pye QLD
2 Crosses At The Gate Magdalena Macdonald VIC
2 Sunset On Ben Buckler Jarrad Grimmond NSW
4 Counted Every Penny Mick McHugh NSW
5 The Land We Call Down Under Ted Roberts SA
6 First Time Around (The Fight) Dom Gannon NSW
7 Friday On My Mind Andrea Barnett VIC
8 Things I Should Be Doing Manfred Vijars QLD
9 Eddie Gilbert’s Dream Mark Cryle QLD
9 Kalgoorlie Girl Mark Cryle QLD
9 Tidy Towns Luciano Mesiti NSW
1 My Fire Dani Karis NSW
2 Only In My Dreams Stuart Parnell Hall NSW
3 Try To Understand Katie Hardyman NSW
4 Always And Ever Douglas Hendry QLD
5 Paper Memories Samantha Mooney QLD
6 Now Your Gone Alec Raymer and Michael King QLD
7 My Everyday Guy Walton NSW
8 Were Ever Mine Robert Cini QLD
9 The Chapter You Wrote In My Life Nicola Milan WA
10 Don’t Look Right Through Me Bob Corbett NSW
10 In These Photographs Magdalena Macdonald VIC
10 Sunset On Ben Buckler Jarrad Grimmond NSW
1 Decent People James Hampton VIC
2 Across The Line Brian M Chapman VIC
3 Closer Brad Gandy WA
4 Find Me A Girl Frank Jones VIC
5 Black Widow Aimee Chapman VIC
6 Rosy Glasses Brian M Chapman VIC
7 Apples Andrew Brown QLD
8 Nothing 2 Something Bob Corbett NSW
9 Adrenaline Alexandra Jae VIC
10 Rollinstone Terry Mandryk NSW
1 Hot Kinda Love Craig Morrison NSW
2 Play To Win Paul Owen, Sabrina Alison and Roger Corbett NSW
3 Slow Dancing Bob Corbett NSW
3 The Devil Made Me Do It Paul Owen, Sabrina Alison and Roger Corbett NSW
5 Fireproof Katie O’Donnell WA
6 Make A Man Out O