Very excited to have posted below the Top 10 positioned
songs in the 2017 Australian Songwriting Contest!



Title Songwriters State
1 Rain Melvyn Moll NSW
2 Windale Lloyd Back QLD
3 The Green And Gold Davies-Splitter/Splitter VIC
4 A Thousand Different Pictures Sharon Heaslip QLD
5 Smell Of Rain Chris Fisher NSW
6 Memoirs Of Vietnam Carmelo Cacciola QLD
7 Australian Dream Tony Stephens/Andy Court WA
8 The Cattlemen Of The Lighthorse Maria Harkins VIC
9 Every Man’s Lament Eleanor Tucker TAS
10 Burrumbuttock Hay Runners Brendan Smoother NSW
10 Only A Boy Donna Dyson/Damien Leith QLD


Title Songwriters State
1 Broken Jason Greeenwood VIC
2 Sigh Hannah May Bartle/Matt Boden TAS
3 The First And The Last Time Abbey Slattery VIC
4 Malala Tony King NSW
5 Dancin’ With The Bottle Kristy James NSW
5 Superman Alex Tobin NSW
7 I Feel Connected Dexter Moore NSW
8 One Love, Many Names Brian Ward VIC
9 Coffee And Trains Frank Dixon VIC
10 Secret Love Vince Dale NSW
10 Slow Phil Riggio VIC

Contemporary Pop Dance

Title Songwriters State
1 The  Battle Inside (Fight) Tyller Fischer VIC
1 Santa, I Can Explain Steve Montgomery NSW
3 Fight From The Inside Andrew Bertoia NSW
4 Reset Robert Bostock/Rachael Bostock QLD
5 Paloma Rush-Drive (Rush Hour Remix) Catherine Duc/Paloma Ramos/Lars Deutsch VIC
6 Real Eleanor Wilcher ACT
7 Utopia Donna Dyson/Tyrone Noonan QLD
8 Deep Down Anirban Banerjee ACT
9 Falling Back Frank Dixon VIC
10 The Moment Abbey Gardner NSW
10 Time Won’t Let Me Go Greg Tomkins SA


Title Songwriters State
1 Kid From The Country At Heart Chris Murphy WA
1 Take Me Down Kristy James NSW
3 Not Counting The Days Go By Scott Douglas/Emily Joy QLD
4 Road To Nowhere Anthony Quinsee QLD
5 Pay It Forward Emma Dykes/Drew McAlister NSW
6 I Wrote This One For You Becci Nethery QLD
7 Shine On Me Sophia Chesworth NSW
8 Slow Me Down Kylie Ryan NSW
9 Tell Me When John Williams NSW
10 Grandma Days Spencer Kelly WA

Folk Acoustic

Title Songwriters State
1 The First And The Last Time Abbey Slattery VIC
2 Something I Know Anirban Banerjee ACT
3 Legacy Miriam Lieberman NSW
4 Moving Breeze Dexter Moore NSW
5 Jericho Rose Catherine Dobson VIC
6 Beer And Wine Daniel Maguire ACT
7 Hooks Anna Wright VIC
8 Close Behind Dave Power QLD
9 Dad Joke Blues Hugh Brown QLD
10 Snowflake Katie Hardyman NSW


Title Songwriters State