1 Beaconsfield Trevor Shard
2 You’ve Gotta Love Australia Lachlan Davidson
3 The Green And The Gold Phil Splitter / Susie Davies-Splitter
4 Millfield Bridge Brian Stitt NSW
5 Down That Road Mistin Pugh / Jessie Che ACT
6 Brave Soldier Of Australia Sophie Jane Thomson WA
7 I’m Australian Jason Norris WA
8 Rivers Of Australia David E. Croser SA
9 Australia! Tyrone Morris NSW
10 Surfie Surfie Santa Keryn Morehu / Diane Simmons VIC



1 Deeply Micheal Clennett
2 Box Of Kisses Lauren Brede WA
3 Cases Robert McIntosh NSW
4 Only One (In My Life) Peter Tonna NSW
5 Why Lydia Davies VIC
6 I Lost My Memory Paul Green VIC
7 Restless Sea Diana Scalzi SA
8 Blueness Holly Kirby TAS
9 Able Holly Kirby TAS
10 All Aboard The Nino Bixio James Street WA


Contemporary Pop / Dance

1 Pussy Cat Emma Joleen QLD
2 What It Is Travis Caudle WA
3 Too Many Days Natasha Rate NSW
4 I Would be Your Slave Mark Fitzgerald / Ben Rogers VIC
5 Over And Over Again Amanda McGuire NSW
6 Forbidden Love Carmen Hendricks VIC
7 No Angel Crystal Campbell TAS
8 Indiscretion Flavien Beaucassin NSW
9 Wanna Come Back As A Girl Daniel Arvidson NSW
10 Scatter Bug Shaun Gardener VIC



1 The Flood Felicity Urquhart / Glen Hannah NSW
2 The Hat Michael O’Rourke / Glenda Hunt QLD
3 Say When Andrew Pobjoy / Tim Farren QLD
4 A Good Day Donna Boyd / David Carter NSW
5 I Know It’s You Donna Boyd NSW
6 This Morning Bruce Holloway / Colin Street TAS
7 When A Son Becomes A Father Michael King / Pam Spencer QLD
8 Small Town Lauren Brede WA
9 Two Step Bluey Matthews SA
10 Guiding Hand Katie Brianna Garfoot NSW


Folk / Acoustic

1 Lucky Boy Andrew Winton WA
2 Soul Fire Omen Facto / Mobius Barnaby NSW
3 Secret Heart Esther Lamb SA
4 Busker’s Song Jason Campbell-Smith ACT
5 Getting Better Adam Cousens TAS
6 Lo Fi Ohio Fi Daimen Stephens TAS
7 Judging Appropriately Adam Cousens TAS
8 Life Goes On Richard Daniels / Catherine Rogers SA
9 Unwashed John Laidler / Bernhard Huber NSW
10 Professor Spundig Trent Erskine QLD



1 Calling The Storm Mathew Van Rhoon NSW
2 Up And Away Mark Andrew Hansen NSW
3 Bouree Shaun Gardener VIC
4 Three Poetic Tone Rows Duchesne Lavin NSW
5 Western Thunder Chris Staff NSW
6 Remember Jess Kennedy VIC
7 In-Dig-Enous Mark Crocker VIC
8 Tales From The Echo Chamber Jev Telford VIC
9 Atlantic radio Song Simon Taylor ACT
10 The Adventure Tom English / Richard Marshall NSW



1 Kerry’s Lament Steve Montgomery / Carmel McCallum NSW
2 Dancin’ in the Rain Robert Anthony Gauzzi QLD
3 Single Alec Raymer QLD
4 The Joke Is Tired Adrian Miller SA
5 Menindee Steve Montgomery / Carmel McCallum NSW
6 Listen To Your Heart Robert McIntosh NSW
7 Ride Daimen Stephens TAS
8 Battle Scars Michael Glasswell ACT
9 Strange Phases Kita Kerford NSW
10 A Perfect Rose John O’Shaughnessy NSW



1 Genius Of Love Tony King / Louise Perryman / Kristine Ralph / Bill Risby
2 Sien